Samsung Gear S, LG G Watch R and Apple’s iWatch – Btekt Daily

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On today’s Btekt daily, Samsung announces a standalone smartwatch called the Gear S, LG launches a rounded version of the G Watch, Apple could announce the iWatch on September 9 and Asus gives its smartwatch a name. All that and we try our hand at drawing on the Surface Pro 3:

iWatch render image credit: Gábor Balogh


JarlSX says:

why are you showing the Gábor Balogh designed concept whenever you talk
about the iwatch?

Scorinitron says:

Only if the iwatch looked like this haha oh man…its not even called the
iwatch….what a fail…don’t get me started on that nub fuck apple 

Mike Jackson says:

This guy Must be an iPhone user.. to assume that watch as the Apple I watch
was just ridiculous. . He wishes that design was apple..lolol

Vyas Chady says:

Please Btekt, don’t speculate of fake designs again.. it’s making the
internet a shit tank, thanks to people like you. You could instead use this
time to do something better and more productive. You have the right to do
it. Just don’t be one of those losers. I know you are trying to get a few
bucks.. We need people who have the skills and time that you have to share
us important information. There are already many very good reviewers out
there like Lachlan likes a thing and Marques Brownlee. These are real
reviews not garbage. The garbage just waste our time, bandwidth, money. It
the wrong information that will be out there forever. One day your grand
children will find it. And people will be commenting at how their grand
father was a douche bag. So, just find your own Amazing Skills and fine
tune it to only be the provider of valuable information that you are
contributing to society and the future. Thank you.

Joshua Youn says:

OK… The Samsung Gear S will be a standalone phone without a phone. If you
pit a SIM card in a watch, the battery will spontaneously drain. Also,
don’t you think its kind of weird to basically talk on speakerphone? I own
a Gear 2 Neo right now and I haven’t really found uses for the call

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