Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S Water Test! Actually Waterproof?

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Water Test vs iPhone 6S Plus Water Test! Is Galaxy S7 Actually Waterproof? Impressive Results!

S7 VS iPhone 6S Drop Test HERE:


#dapperlife films says:

I just bought a blue galaxy s7 edge and got free Beats headphones with them.

Tony Blas says:

They never claimed it to be water proof. it's water resistant

Jinsa Salunkhe says:

s7 is good better best

GamerDares Wins says:

What a waste of time… no test will stop crapple bum fuckers from buying crapple phones.

Loyd Daez says:

hahahaha a lot of people said iPhone is waterproof what a bunch of loosers. android wins because it's made of Vietnam and you can deep it in the water as much as you want.

Loyd Daez says:

S5 is waterproof I put mine on the ocean about 15 feet deep it didn't break at all.

Mishkat Chowdhury says:

The iphone 6s clearly wasn't even meant to be water proof anyways, if it was designed to be water proof, it would've been in the same condition like the S7

Mr.smelly says:

I love seeing all the mad kids in the comments. next time don't be an idiot and get a stupid iPhone ????

DanishARMA2 says:

to be water proof you need atleast ip70

Des poce blo Deloux says:

Qui regarde la vidéo même si il ne comprend absolument rien

DIY Girl says:

But yet when I dropped my iPhone 5s in a pond for seconds ( don't ask how I dropped it I was just cleaning the screen k) and it's dead kept it in rice for 24 hours and there's water all in the phone

Alan says:

Since when was the 6s plus water resistance wha the fuck

H20 Delirious says:

My mom got a white silver Samsung Galaxy s7 edge for Valentine's Day and on that same day I got my new Samsung Galaxy s5 Neo it's my first Samsung Galaxy ever someone plz reply to me how to use it My last phone was iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0 and my. new phone the Samsung Galaxy s5 Neo it's water proof and I'm 10 before the iPhone 4 I had an iPhone 5 but it fell down the stairs in the CN tower in downtown Toronto and the whole glass screen is gone then home botton even fell off then I got a free iPhone 4 and my new Samsung Galaxy s5 Neo is what I have now!! And I'm only 10 years old

Garret Daniel says:

Warning salt water corrodes. It will destroy your s7 edge.

E Girl says:

6:30 s7 need to dry then speakers will work

NIXON'S BACK!! says:

the i phone would have been fucked before 15, dropped a gallaxy 5 in water without the port cover and it would short out with the charging, everything else worked fine until it went flat, if you put that iphone under a foot of water for even a second bet any money it wont be able to charge without short circuting and after the battery goes flat its lights out.

Jeffy and Jack says:

hi random person scrolling in the comments ?

Casey Young says:

Oh the anxiety I had when he put the phones in the water!!

Eddie Franco says:

Beautiful Edge

Zamil Akhtar says:

very good at

Zamil Akhtar says:

iPhone 6S best phone

Zamil Akhtar says:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge best

latarsha linyard says:

6s is waterproof

Shone Tshala says:

Love the video

Hydrotrack 810151 says:

The IPhone 7 is more water resistant than Samsung galaxy S7 edge

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