Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

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Daanes says:

Thank you samsung now i can show my apple users friend how great apple is

Howtobeloner 101 says:

apple fan boys in the comment be like that aint tru

Leticia Luna says:

Samsung is just jealouse of how the iPhone x looks

keenan Toshi says:

fuck you all

Hyunbae Jeon says:

First world problems…

Dian Firmansyah says:


Sintya Darmayanti says:

the flexibility


Айфон лучше

RevelDevil says:

Damn 💯 percent accurate

David Jimenez says:

samsung makes this ads for mocking apple, but you will never see that on apple tv´s ads, because at least they are more mature and grown up 😉

Casual Person says:

At least Samsung doesn't block the comment section

Berlusconi says:

Omg apple it's fucked

sindy stefani says:

Samsung is always one step ahead from apple.

hello there says:

Lol Samsung is like a creep stalkerish girl

sre lakshmi Gaythri says:

I love this ad 😂🤣! #teamandroid

Melon_Gamer says:

So who wants to buy a roasted apple?

Agustina Venticinque Esmail says:

Para todos los q llaman pobres a los q usan Samsung XD ahrre es broma

Dina Radika Oktavianti says:

Well. Its true..

Dimas Sitorus says:


Christine Remo says:

0:53 that guy dreams to become an iPhone X

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