Rob James-Collier and Allen Leech: Downton Abbey – Meet the Cast

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Great and fun interview/Q&A with Rob and Allen taken off of Apple’s iTunes podcasts.


Mehra Ahsan says:


demeko96 says:

Rob looks just so thrilled and happy to be here haha he's the cutest

gwtw99 says:

Branson is my favourite character !!

Shiroki Sasaki says:

wow,these two men are so cute in real life…i wouldn't mind dating either one of them

Lou. beautifullyunfinishedin2016 says:

I am really sorry, but Allen Leech looks like Niall Horan 11 years in the future.

Merlin Arthur says:

Rob James COLLIER is an amazing actor! he portrays Thomas AMAZINGLY. I love Thomas to death and I doubt I would if anyone else portrayed him!

Yodel says:

Geez, let Allen get a word in edgeways Rob

Addy Dodd says:

Robs hair looks sooo soft. What a cutie

Laura P. says:

This is why I love the acting. Thomas may be such a bitch, and when you see this, you find out Rob is amazingly lovely.

phtevlin says:

I always thought the two "Thomas's" would make a great couple.

Isabella H says:

"…because you're so amazing";)
 He really is. Especially since Stevens has left.

Robert Orwell says:

Are they dating? I'm a huge fan of Downton Abbey and I'm wondering whether they're or not a couple in real life.

Kris Milko says:

I would love to see these two on The Graham Norton Show!

Jake Peterson says:

Rob and Allen are awesome!! Great actors!!! Keep up the good work!!! Thomas and Tom(Branson) are my favorite characters!!!! Love you guys!!!!! ????????✌️????????????

vinisavin97 says:

you know.. i HATED thomas before seeing rob james-collier in an interview. But.. good heavens! he's so charming, so funny, so handsome! I fell in love (with the actor, of course) The thing is that I don't want Thomas to die or anything else that would put him out of the show because it would take Rob away too :'/ no matter how much mess thomas is making the show, i'm thinking more of how much fun rob and allen and all the other actors are having behind the scenes x) i think i'm even beginning to understand thomas' situation and etc (credits to mr. collier)
and allen.. well, there's no need to say he's a cutie with one of the funniest laughs on earth, right? i love branson (after sybil, he's my favourit character in Downton Abbey) and i love him. But i prefer to see him laugh with rob, it makes everything so much funnier!

Jeff Freeman says:

When you do a love scene and she gets pregnant, that's Equity's problem, I say.

Miriam Sugden says:

I bet he now regrets saying "I love Isis"

Benjamin Gebauer says:

There needs to be a gay. Spin off of these two hotties! They are everything ahh

Benjamin Gebauer says:

OMG it's so funny how Rob is the most out going in real life and in the show he's the complete opposite. I love him so much

Rentaghost okish says:

Rob looks like he would be a great laugh on a night out!

Mohammed Rizwan says:

They've got amazing chemistry! 

Sweet2Rani says:

rob is sooo funny. love him!

Riley Freemyer says:

"Are you saying I've got boobs?" Lol :)

suzie xu says:

allen is like kevin connoly's little bro

SirDalTexDave says:

Glad to have seen this, because his character gets on my nerves. In real life he is funny.

Dip Ply says:

My clothes fell off so fast when they walked on stage.

Cath.S says:

it's the most amazing interview I've ever seen. they both are great off the screen!

maya says:

when rob talks about why it's successful in america he's got a point, stereotypes are powerful 

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