RIP iPod, HomePod Secrets Revealed, Apple Watch Jailbreak & More Apple News!

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What’s Happening With Apple. Apple Watch Jailbreak, Dual Display Meizu 7 Pro, HomePod Secrets, iPods Discontinued & More Apple News!


박단엘 says:

The ipod is just an iPhone without a phone

Pippoose14 says:

The iPod Touch is better for people who want an iOS device they can fit in their pocket but are on a serious budget and can’t afford an iPhone

Rushi Jetalpuria says:

When is the giveaway?

Marcy Ziand says:

i still have a tiny little ipod

Sillyjake says:

My first iPod I ever used was my mother's thin green one, she let me listen to green day while I sat in the little child seat in Walmart's shopping carts.

DaltonLee23 says:

I remember my first Apple device it was an iPod touch 3G

F Patel says:

Apple Ipods Are Expensive Apple Iphone 7 Is Better.

Luca Fmann says:

3:53 Sadly exact opposite in germany

Devin Saputra says:

Ipod nano and shuffle STILL have a HEADPHONE JACK!

Rivers says:

My first iPod was the 1st gen 2nd iteration with the touch wheel over the mechanical, only 10gb, it was awesome, and no one else on the entire uni campus had one

Hey Siri says:

They should make the iPod nano cheaper, better software, and thinner

Unik Unique says:

I want that iPhone 7…. God bless you…

Dania Hasan says:

Omg I wasn't expecting kris to show up on that ad

NeonGlocKz FTW says:

I used to never have a phone only an iPod and all I ever did was play games and YouTube

Michelle Chen says:

i got my first iPod on july 10 2017 i got it for my birthday

Andrew Ford says:

are you christian

Faheem Patel says:

I had a Apple Ipod it Was Good

ABYX says:

I want to kill Apple for leaving the iPod behind like seriously I want to &@#!ING KILL THEM

Rashid Ali says:

Hello please send me iphone se please i need it badly please contact me please please please i need it i love u please
My email

Jc Squid says:

Anyone check Homepod to see if there were any .ipws files within in..? Just wondering maybe an ios 11… Etc something lol

venkatesh says:

Awesome video bro

LGwasherFan says:

What even is flash player?

LGwasherFan says:

I remember when I was 6 (now 15), and I got my first iPod shuffle. I loved it so much, it was so compact and fun to use, and I loved listening to different types of music even at that age. A few years later, I got an iPod nano (the one that still had a click wheel) and it made this experience so much better. I could easily select different songs, and I could even listen to the radio with it! When I was in fourth grade, I got the iPod touch 4. It was incredible to have my own personal touch screen device. Sure, not being able to have cellular was annoying, but I got almost everything else. It does make me sad that the iPod is dead, but I've held on to all of mine.

Luis E Reynoso 276 says:

Never really had an ipod

LSPG YouTube says:

I was 7 (im 9 now) and i once saw a advert on tv and i asked my nan for a ipod 5 touch and still to this day i use it

Artoga 9 says:

There is already a phone with 2 displays. one is with color and the other one is just black and white.

Wisnu Prasojo says:

my ipod classic still works though. Haha

Kanchana Perera says:

What Is RIP

Ncslol IND says:

someone please tell me how do i know if i selected for a giveway. where do i get a message? where? how do we know ?

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