Retro Tech: Apple eMate 300

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Apple is well-known for its PowerBook series of laptops from the 1990s. But there was one portable computer the company made that had far-reaching effects — and it wasn’t even a Mac.

Shout-out and thanks to Clint from Lazy Game Reviews ( for his help with this episode!

Media shown in order of appearance:

Newton MessagePad 130:
“An Early Look at the Apple eMate 300”:
Apple eMate press release:
“eMate 300 Quick Fact Sheet”:
“Cops take a byte out of crime,” Computerworld, October 27, 1997.
Macworld Boston 1997 footage:
“Apple reports wider losses,” CNN Money, October 15, 1997.
Apple Infinite Loop campus photo:
Steve Jobs email to Adam Tow:
Apple special event 1998 footage:
iMac image:
Power Mac G3 image:
iBook image:


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Lazy Bunny says:

I always wanted to modern-retro-mod one of these eMate 300s. Where i take a non-working unit, gut it, and replace the guts with modern hardware, a modern LCD, etc etc. Like a LattePanda + a little IPS display.

Cameron Gaither says:

That laptop literally looks like a butt.

Adrian-Cornel Borină says:

You know it's an old product, since it has a headphone jack.

Z M says:

Ahh, translucent tech of the 90s! I love it.

Ted Clayton says:

great video

SnicketStudios says:

I have one of those. Still, have the original box even. IWhat do you think it's worth?

OldAzzJuggalo4Life says:

CLINT! My man lol

Dan The Man says:


Nugroho Pangestu says:

awesome editing m8!

Xaranar says:

I love hearing Clint's voice pop up in things. Always makes me smile.

RizzyWow says:

OMG! This is so strange, I remember when I broke dislocated my finger in 2004/5 and I wasn't able to do any school work, as the dislocation happen on my writing hand. The school game me this to use, it was pretty hilarious because I could get anything done with it, besides my english work.

Andrea Benvenuti says:

I have one and would like to sell it 😛

InfernosReaper says:

To be honest, the specs of the eMate 300 were a bit head-scratching for the era at that price. I'm genuinely surprised it wasn't like 2-4MB of RAM with 4-8MB of storage. I mean the damn Performas of a few years earlier had 4MB of RAM on the motherboard plus slots to squeeze in another 32MB and those systems were kinda crap even for their era.

John Squarez says:

I am John Scarce

Paul James says:

2:10 Anyone else thinking….. looks like a big fat '''ASS''? Perhaps that explains why sales 'bottomed' out? That and the obvious fact that no respectable bloke is going to be seen dead carrying what looks like a purple/blue plastic handbag. Look honey I 'enlarged' barbies handbag 🙂

Yehoshua Kotler says:

Should I get the first ever Apple Computer ?

Yehoshua Kotler says:

That's why am subd

JMK OS says:


JMK OS says:

1:51 is that a HDMI?

Thaxxar says:

I bought one of these in 1997 through my College bookstore. Battery life was in the days of use and worked great for all the papers and labs. It's still in a box in the basement. Such nostalgia, I loved the Newton.

apple computer says:

You have really decent contents. Follow!

amigojapan says:

why did PalmOS die out? was it cause it was hard to get on the internet with it? it used to be amazing!

Achilleas Labrou says:

The eMate 300 was introduced in March 1997. Steve Jobs officially returned to Apple a month before in February 1997 without maximum authority in Apple. So he couldn't have influenced on this product.
The Newton PDA was the child of Apple CEO John Sculley who ousted Jobs from Apple in 1985. Maybe the best product Apple produced without Steve Jobs.
No matter how good Newton was, Jobs hated everything Sculley did for Apple.
Inevitably the eMate was sabotaged by Steve Jobs and didn't last a year. It actually lasted 11 months.
Nevertheless the translucent design of eMate was used in the iMac which was the first major Apple product Steve Jobs introduced.
The Apple designer Jonathan Ive became employee by Apple in 1992 much earlier than Steve Jobs return. Ive took part on the Newton design and eMate 300.
Newton had an ARM processor like iPods and iPhones had later.
It was the best PDA for its time despite its very high price. Steve Jobs could have save it but he was always more sentimental than realistic. That isn't good for business but Apple isn't an ordinary business and its customers appreciated that.

Mark Woodworth says:

I have a couple Emates in my collection. They are surprising sturdily built and I always thought it (the case) would have made a great laptop. The software was very cool and fun to use as well! You could even play MP3 files on it!

SkitZ PiK says:

I hear LGR, I approve.

GoldenKingStudio says:

And now Apple wouldn't be caught dead making a touch screen laptop. You know, until they inevitably do and claim it was a genius idea.

bowzertyui X says:

That screen is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I want that screen for my electronic projects!

Skells says:

And then suddenly unexpected LGR voice outta nowhere

johneygd says:

I didn't knew the emate had even a touch screen builtin, it really was ahead of it's time.

Daryll Alvero says:

Oh hey, it's the 90s Surface Laptop.

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