Retro Review: Apple iPhone First-Generation on iPhone OS 1.1.1 (iPhone 2G)

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The iPhone changed the course of mobile computing. But was the first iteration like what we have today? Certainly not, and Quinn of Snazzy Labs rolls back the clocks to 2007 with the original iPhone running iOS 1.1.1.

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Destiny Mace says:

Wow you are very annoying you move your fingers way to much and you are damn stupid

2D the friendly bleach merchant says:

First iOS I ever experienced was iOS6. Darn, it gives me nostalgic looking at the old iPhones and iPods.

iTek says:

Great Video! It's crazy to see how far things have come since then!

iPhoneAndTechReviews says:

The iPhone 2G comes with iOS 1.0. iOS 1.1 was released after the iPhone 4GB was discontinued, and iOS 1.0 was released in June, the time when the iPhone was released. I bought the 8GB at age 24, and it is an upgrade from the Nokia N70.

Sabahat Shah says:

I like the 3d touch feature on this

Finbarr Hill says:

Look at the YouTube logo, damn

Stuntman1050 says:

The iPod Touch Gen 1 shipped with 1.0. I have one with 4.2.1

Matthew Larscheidt says:

When I was 2000 years old 2:12 LOL

Give Fallout says:

I got a iphone 1

Souless Memelord says:

ten years of overratedness and overpriceyness

Jonathan Mello says:

OMG a phone jack! What a terrible ideia

Emma Martinez MSP says:

I was born in 2007 yay

SquippyGaming Hd says:

Samsung f700 had front face cam back in 2007

PC Gamer222 says:

"When I was 2007, LOL!

Fe en el Señor Jesucristo hasta la muerte! says:

Hello from the future future!!

FerretBarret says:

"I want a glass display….DO IT ANDY!"

Hippie Gurl 2015 MSP says:

I was like 4 years later we have the iPhone 4S BUT NO WE HAVE IPHONE SEVEN THIS IS A LIE! Then I saw the date this uploaded. Farewell.

SimonCHulse says:

@SnazzyLabs, Would be cool to see a new version of this comparing to the new iPhones 5 years on 🙂

Mr.fettywap says:

Lol when i was 2000

Jack Goldsberry says:

Who's watching in 2017 on a 6 or later?

Daniel Pierce says:

IOS 10's Safari can now do 500 tabs at a time…

Daniel Pierce says:

Watching in 2017 on my IPhone 7+

Europe Futbal says:

Who Else is watching this in 2017

María Sanchez says:

this was published in 2012

colin mac says:

old phone compared to old phone

Matt Cop says:

Now we have no headphone jack! 😂😂😂

Baroncito 86 says:

As a correction, it wasn't revolutionary for its time. There was already touch screen smartphones with the same capabilities and functions such as the first LG smartphones wich was on the market 8 months earlier than the announcement of the Iphone 2G. (previous to the android ones)

Pink Bleach says:

omg it looks like a ipod! ;-; it's so small it's cute ^~^ lol I'm glad we have bigger phones than that now xD ♡

Daniel Correira says:

can you get it if you had the original update

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