Restore Apple Watch to Factory Settings (Without Passcode)

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How to restore the Apple Watch to factory setting if you forgot your password.


Gilda Haynes says:

Thank you for making it so easy! I spent an hour trying to figure it out since I upgraded to a new phone and totally forgot my apple watch password! But this made it super easy!

Tira Henry says:

Thank you so much this really helped me with my watch

Jerry Xiong says:

Thanks a million

Pramit Rout says:


Sascha Makes says:

Thank you sooooo much!

Harry Soulette says:

I just bought an iwatch from a friend but it has his email in the setup. how do I get this back to factory settings so that I can put my info in?

zoey1o1 says:

Thank you !!! Lifesaver

Andromeda Galaxy says:

Been looking for this, thanks man! 🙂

touficashraf2567 says:

Thank you 🙏

James Veres says:

You're amazing. Screamed from excitement!!

Super90Marine says:

So my watch that i got from someone else wont work because its liked with their phone and says to get it unlocked you have to contact the person and get them to turn off Location settings for it. Unfortunately the guy changed his number and i cannot get ahold of him so how the hell do i get it erased completely???

Ben G says:

wow. thanks for this. god bless you

Tom Moretti says:

what if the watch attached to icloud account would that master erase all ?

Arian Afrasiabi says:

Thank you so much bro

Christian Ronaldo says:

I bought a watch from a guy, but it doesn't let me do a '' force touch'' ? what do i do? 🙁

obied Alsubie says:

It is working with me ❤️👌🏽

Recover All says:

bro, i lost my i watch last week, is their any option to find?

Filipe Soares says:

thanks! this helped me a lot!

JoeNoIce says:

will this work for id/icloud locked apple watch?

joy ganza says:

thank u so much to days i was trying restore my password,this video was big help god bless u

Bashir Sfar says:


Scott Friedman says:

Very helpful. Thanks for the info

omair baniyas says:

U r awesome!!

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