Reasons Why You Should & Shouldn’t Buy the Apple iWatch

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Do you like the apple iwatch? if not why? leave your comments down below


temoc ramos says:

The price matters too

Between generation one or Two

Sara The awesomeness says:

oh no it doesn't connect to android oh no i mean its called A APPLE WATCH FOR A REASON the funny thing is that u bought one and ur wearing it the vid

chocoluver18 says:

iwatch midern tech helps you first not to get lost it has map and more feature

Nani Sanjith says:

It is a Apple Watch not a I watch

J says:

I like your desk setup, what kind ( name ) of keyboard are you using?

Daniel says:

I just bought one for $250, hopefully it is worth it :)

Roanne May Creer says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good review. In the first place, I'm not into this watch. I'm more interested on BLOCKS modular smartwatch. It has a sleek and solid design with modern features and full customization. What do you think about it?
Recently launched on Kickstarter.

alientech says:

You sound dumb

Masternc 101 says:

that's your opinion

Stephen McGarry says:

I agree , but is it true that I watch apps most can operate buy I phone 

Jack Sorrell says:

It's called Apple Watch.
Not iWatch.

Ashley Knight says:

Android Wear does not work on iOS.

Electric Rhino says:

How did you make your intro? I thinks it's really cool. 

ReviewXPOSEDUSA says:

Its a gimmicky piece of shit, think about it what wont that do that your smart phone cant do, for fuck sake

Daniel Valdez says:

Convinced I'm not getting it lol

piloctor15 says:

Nah you're right 

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