Proof Apple / iTunes Are Censoring Joe Rogan Alex Jones Podcast #911 Over Pizzagate

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Based on YouTube view counts verses Apple’s audio trending iTunes podcast rankings.


Ryan Bigguy says:

Clean ur fukin screen lad

Nicholas Wright says:

none of you fucks will ever put down your iphone lol

RKT says:

Anybody else counting the subs daily? I'm so excited Alex will hit 2 million soon!

Ker Plunk says:

even on my app the 911 episode disappeared from the feed and needed to click back to the joe rogan podcast feed to find it

anonamous365 says:

sounded like a nut job talking about messages from other dimensions

Wee Man says:

the apple logo is the poison apple with the chunk out it

Sr. Sacaninha says:

And still, it's the most popular Joe Rogan episode so far. Reminds me of the Trump situatuion, he won the election despite all odds.


Sour Puss says:

The JRE podcast with Alex just so happened to be #911? That had to be intentional!

Rebecca Thomas says:

You have to remember that mostly trendy, leftist dipshits use Apple products and iTunes so it could be that.

Jp Cb says:

I couldnt read the comments section. weird.

Eric Blair says:

Apple, Microsoft, Netflux etc. ALL refusing to hire AMERICAN ENGINEERS!! they much rather hire immigrants at less than half the going salary…all these companies want is,CHEAP LABOR as long as WE pay their health, unemployment, food stamos etc.

Isaac Grine says:

Definitely being censored not only that I was mysteriously unsubscribed as well this is bullshit just because Google owns YouTube the sensor the truth as much as they can

¿? says:

So glad I never bought into apple, ever. I always knew they were leftist cuckwads.

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