In this video I unbox, demo, and compare the newest iPod nano to it’s predecessors. Amazon Link:
Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging Original WMV from
Apple iPod Touch 2g Guided Tour and New Features. September 2008 *There is a 4th Generation ipod touch available now for $229(8GB), $299(32GB), and $399(64GB). The 4th Gen. ipod touch includes two cameras(one front, one [More on Apple]
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New Apple iPad 64GB crash test BMW E36 320i.
BEST YO MAMA JOKES ★ PATREON ★ FACEBOOK ★ VINE Yo mama so fat, when she sat on the iPod she made the iPad! ★ YO MAMA BRAND CREATED BY ZACK [More on Apple] To check out the full LTA video on the iPAD click here: or Check out my latest Vlog: Todays Stories: Pic of Nun Punching a Shark: Alabama Gambling Debacle: Paul [More on Apple]
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