Official Apple IPhone 8 Trailer 2017

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NEW IPHONE 8 concept trailer


gabriel mello says:

é um iphone 7 plus platinado

Arun Debnath says:

I am a music lover. Please share your review about the earphone and music player.

Grey Graham says:

This preview looks nothing like apples stile
And it is 100% FAKE

Victor Delgadillo Bojorquez says:

Wowwww exelente iphone 8 jajaja

Miguel says:

a phone can only be shatter resistant if it's made out of plastic?

Alvaro Canton says:

Awesome device!

RallyWerks says:

Red iPhone 7 please! 🙂


nope try again

Maicol SCS says:

Fake, Todos sabemos que Iphone tiene que quitar los bordes porque o sino se va a ir a la puta

Amedeo Ottolenghi says:

It isn't the real one

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