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Will Apple announce iWatch as their new innovative product? We hope so, because this watch looks unbelievably cool, just like the rest of Apples product line. This futuristic watch has aluminium body, WiFi, Bluetooth, integrated RSS reader, 16GB internal storage, and weather forecast system. You could also connect this gadget to your existing iphone/ipad by WiFi or Bluetooth. The best thing from this concept watch is its inbuilt LCD projector to display images from your iPhone/iPad.


DarkXeroo says:

but….. WILL IT BLEND? :D

nienster100 says:


at 0:35 u can see it!!! the black watch, there is a recharge opening

fanofsongs says:

its fat…

Drummertist says:

The new iPod Nano with a watch case is the same as this…

gab2563 says:

but, this is nokia morph by apple!!

jevshock says:

@travisthurston aww shazam is wrong

Travis Thurston (trav15t) says:

@jevshock Artist: Gal in Calico, Song: Oscar
(my shazam on iphone told me so:))

jevshock says:

does anyone know the name of the song in the background?


lol that would be funny if it was- "Slide To View Time"

EasyDownloadHelp says:

it makes sense cuz a touch lcd was leaked about that size so .. meeh

safasalam says:

when do they start to make iFuck ??? i wanna have one hahahah !! and please make also an iShoot to kill you alll hahahahh

Karbon Kassius says:

every line in this is from

lebang2 says:

Don't like it … there are more better watches from china…

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