New MacBook Pro Released! Everything You Need To Know

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New 2016 MacBook Pro & MacBook Air Replacement Is Official! Touch Bar, New Color, Skylake, DDR4 Ram & Polaris GPU’s. Features, Battery Life & Processor Power Details Here!


Figure Skater Victoria says:

watching this on the MacBook Pro 13" touchbar

Dennis Fluttershy says:

Because clicking down on a slider and moving that on screen is sooo different. …people are overplaying it.
Useful? Yes. Good design? Yes. New interactions you've never been able to do before? Nope.

Dennis Fluttershy says:

If you have a touch screen, you can have the exact same features there. However, having that touch screen at the same level as the keyboard, and not angled like the screen is a benefit, as it easier to interact with. But it's just a touch screen. (4:40)

Dennis Fluttershy says:

Yes, that's the point of having a screen… that it changes depending on app. It's just like a second screen; extremely wide screen, with no window support … but still a screen; which the apps can interact with. (3:10)

Dennis Fluttershy says:

But I'll happily take one twice or three times as thick with 2 to maybe even 4 times the battery life.(1:40)

stayclassy says:

I subbed you back, great video :)

Nether Nymphs says:

My late 2013 MacbookPro still runs Minecraft smoothly. ;)

ViperPlays says:

lol mac suck cause do not have good cpus good gpus and its expensive for that new useless touch bar removing function keys

EvansPyroParty says:

That touch bar seems amazing

Crimmo4 says:

For future reference, Cut 630hz on your mic to get rid of that tin sound.

Low Five says:

Everyone is circle jerking off other people who are complaining. Do your own research and think for your self a bit people. Some critiques are completely untrue and dumb as fuck. No wonder Trump was elected, all you fuckers were voting lololol.

Daniel Kwan says:

Is there actually an extension cord included or am i being trolled

yDaN says:

That's nothing :))))), touch bar , Microsoft will laugh so much :))))))

Coolrockstar2006 2nd channel says:

The touchbar is the next step towards a surface pro 4 theme of table and laptop in one

wwbdwwbd says:

Touch Bar sounds like an interesting place to have a drink.

Abby Cruz says:

Love your videos!! I am planning on getting the new pro and I would LOVE to see a video on which accessories would be most ideal!
Specifically the Satechi Type-C USB 3.0 3 in 1 Combo Hub for MacBook 12-Inch (with USB -C Charging Port) (Space Gray) and if that would be compatible?

Thank you!!!!

Arslan Qazi says:

Why four usb c ports, it makes no sense. You aren't going to use them all at one time. 1 for charging and then 1 for everything else. By the way dongles suck a** no one wants to carry them around. Also apple stop saying its the best iPhone yet or best mac ever no shit its new if it isn't no one wants it.

NeoAlgus says:

The lighter the Macbook, the lighter your wallet

daywalker1978ab says:

Overpriced, outdated, design over performance, less functionality, etc etc

WTF? Now im forced to leave apple as i need a new machine

Maticko Boncincek says:

How fast did mac pro heat up when you run minecfat

amosana Th. says:

Can u show us d use of some music software like garageband ,pro tool etc n etc

Icyslim says:

32 GB of RAM lol what you wanna find the centre of the universe with it?

Thet Win says:

EverythingApplePro, there is a 3rd party alternative to the USB-C charging if you also wanted a magnetic breakaway cable.

However unlike our current magsafes can't be flipped over, and unlike USB-C can't transfer data but it seems like this was designed for the Macbook when it originally came out, so I'd imagine that with the new Macbook Pros having at least 2 (four on the 15") that there will be someone out there who will make some sort of magnetic breakaway cable. This was the only element stopping me originally from preordering the high spec 15" but now that it's been solved I can't wait to get my new Macbook next month!

DivineAlign8 says:

lets resurrect Steve bc he is rolling in his grave

Alan Rodriguez says:

Apple – This is our most expensive laptop ever!! Go buy it

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