New iPod Touch Unboxing (2015)

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iPod Touch 6th Generation Unboxing.

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Welcome to my unboxing of the brand new iPod Touch 6th generation. Thie iPod Touch hasn’t been updated in a few years and the 2015 model adds some significant improvements.

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maksym postolovskiy says:

PINK…FOR JACKKK))Motherfucka..

Juan Zuniga says:

I wish that was the iPhone 6

AwayGaming123 says:

I have a ipod5 and its works great

Claw king says:

Who's watching in 2016?

Liaquat Khan says:

u know sir ur seriously pretty cute,..

TheCreeperMan5000 says:

I'm watching this on my iPod 6th generation

fatima aamir says:

I really want an ipod

YoshiTroid says:

In Canada it's $250 as starting price. But:
$200 USD = $285 CAD (Somehow)
$250 CAD = $175 USD

Wolfy_Playz says:

Apple always makes there boxes good… I feel loved and special when i open a Apple product =D. Btw I'm not loved in any way except for Apple products

Anthony Eneria says:

bend test?

Mahmudul Hasan Navil says:

You want o give away an iPod??? 😀 choose me me me :D

Jeconia Lacombe says:

hey hi how do you do☺☺

xXx_DankVader_xXx / says:

Battery life?

Nestor Mckneally says:

HOLY CRAP GUYS BEHIND THE CAN AT 3:12 it's jack guys its jack

Kim Conover says:

Dear unboxtherapy I would love the orange whatever you want to call it or the blue one please ok oh yeah awesome benefits scriber since we first started please let me have the iPod touch

Jonah Matai says:

I've always wanted one i want to try apple for once

Shan Shaji says:

can I get any one smartphone that u don't wanted????

Scrap Boi says:


Airiz irfan says:

can you give me an iphone 6 …

3arab G4m3r says:

1 millionth viewer!!

Auke says:

I like iPod Classic better. The battery last for days on a single charge, and you get way more gigs of space for the price. And really, when it comes to a music player, battery life and storage space are really the only things that matter.

Diaa Lol says:

Dose it suck $199?

K3VLAR _YT says:

It's cool I guess

But can it fly?

Intence Gaming12399 says:

And I'm a boy

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