New iPod Touch! Apple Device Review with HobbyFrog + Batman Cover HobbyKidsTV

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HobbyFrog saves up to buy an Apple iPod Touch 6 and gives his review of it! He even picks out a Batman cover for it. He uses it to watch HobbyKidsTV shoes of course. Too cool family fun today. Subscribe for NEW Shows:

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Azra Avdic says:

hobby frog I have a phone to

Jaden Casais says:

How did you get yt kids

Gabriel Baladad says:

ik i i think hobby frog is 5 years old

Gabriel Baladad says:

i got an tablet pc for 4777

Juliana Velasco says:

Hey thats look like my ipod

Celeste Soh says:

I also have YouTube kids

Jeremia Rodriguez says:

im 10 and I have a phone

Jeremia Rodriguez says:

im 10 and I have a phone

Girls_love_boys Rios says:

Hey guys love your vids I wish I got a iPhone but I got a iPad I will tell u why.1.a iPhone is smaller then a iPad so I want a iPhone because it will fit in my pocket 2.i can carry I phone any where because it's small 3.and I can easily hold it right

Girls_love_boys Rios says:

I got a iPad mini 2 for Christmas

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