New iPod Touch 4G Review & Walkthrough

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Best iPod Touch 4th Gen Prices:

iPod Touch 4G Review & Walkthrough –

The iPod Touch 4G or 4th Generation adds a front facing camera, rear camera with 720P HD Video Recording at 30 FPS. Features the amazing retina display and ships with iOS4.1.



New iPod Touch 4G Review & Walkthrough
New iPod Touch 4G Review & Walkthrough
New iPod Touch 4G Review & Walkthrough


Pranks Vs. Vlogs says:

that piece of crap isn't 300 dollars its 100

Vector Cultist says:

I got one from a pawn shop in good condition for $60 nothing was wrong with it accept some scratches on the back but overall it was a good device!

Julio César García Mendiola says:

I got mine on Christmas of 2010. I've been using it until mid-2014 due to it being broken from a fall which hit the screen directly. It's a really nice device, and at the time I could play anything there was on the AppStore in it! Haha, definitely the good old days.

Miles's NerdySwag! HB says:

I have the 8g version, I'm using it right nor and I'm trapped in iOS 6.1! Nothing is compatible anymore!

NighthawkSilviaS14 says:

I used to own one of these, I automatically fell in love with Apple afterwards until I saw the iPhone(I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 now) I then flew over to a Galaxy S3 and I loved it! I HIGHLY recommend the Galaxy S6 and S7 because their Battery life is outstanding and it is just the right size for people with big or small hands. Personally I like android MUCH more than iOS

fnaf guy2 says:

i have ipod 6 and ipod 3

‫غلا العتيبي‬‎ says:

ياقدمه اول جهاز شريته ????????

fernando cardoso says:

who's watching in 3016

JohnLewisVideo's says:


catlover49 says:

Can the front camera be used just for selfies, too (like, not JUST for Facetime)?

Matt West says:

Holy shit this is so different compared to his other videos

Hi I'm a Potato says:

Watching on i mean

Hi I'm a Potato says:

Watching in iPod touch 4g!

Zion Smith says:

I have the iPod 4G

Gold Flossin says:

Who's watching in 2016

Klonoa says:

i have a ipod touch 4G (8GB)

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