New iPod Nano Commercial

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The new iPod Nano Ad featuring video recording.

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JokerCirca66 says:

I had this Nano and it never shot video, it played video but there was never any indication or app button on the screen that it shot video, weird. Really sucks iPods went backwards over time, the new ones don't shoot video only play and they just came out with the 8th gen and it is literally the exact same as the 7th gen besides adding and taking away some colors for shells, the colors are great but, is that all, colors, really? Steve Jobs would be ashamed, he would have never allowed this, I'm pretty sure the iPod was his baby and one of his greatest products ever brought to the market, it's actually what built the Apple name to what it is today. The new iPod Nano should have message abilty and a small weather app and it would be great, that or perhaps even just some small things the Apple Watch has, I mean it doesn't need everything the touch has athough that would be awesome but I know they have to make the touch the better more expensive model in some way but it would be nice to have at least something new that is something people actually want, re-issuing the exact same product and adding a new number to the generation tag is pathetic and unheard of in Apple's history. I know the whole market is down for iPod sales but there is a reason for that, they haven't even attempted to innovate the product and make it something people go after, do something Apple, throw a $50 song credit for iTunes into the box and market that, I mean do something, doing absolutely nothing just looks so damn lazy and what do they think they will get back in return from customers acting like that. Imagine if they treated the iPhone like this.

AtlasNovack says:

The song is called Bourgeois Shangri La by Miss Li

jessica hudson says:

Damn it what's this song called? I've had it stuck in my head for ages

Wiz Khali (shippuden2011) says:

So many memories. 

TheEpicFace says:

I have a question for apple. Why did u guys get rid of the iPod nano with the circle click? Your new "iPod nano" cant even download apps

Ma Intalegi Tata says:

You can't take photos, i had a grey one and now i have a green one, best ipod ever :D

loser Leo says:


33ANTREAS says:

how can i take PICTURES and not shoot videos with this ipod nano ?

CraigSpannier says:

Steven PPJ "Jobs" was a true innovator. Praise appletech!

ThatGuyFromBRITAIN says:

Steve Jobs didnt make the commercials… nothings changed.

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