New iPod Nano 6G Review & Walkthrough (Nano Touch) Featuring the iWatch :)

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iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus Unboxing!
New iPod Nano 6G 6th Generation Review & Walkthrough (Nano Touch) – The iPod Nano 6G or 6th Generation loses the video recording, speaker and video playback but gains multi-touch capabilities.

16GB iPod Nano 6G – $179.99

8GB iPod Nano 6g – $149.99



Teardown Link:


James Rick says:

I wud get this rather than a really expensive iwatch, (its apple duh) its gonna be expensive, in my opinion i like more!

juss2186 says:

I still have my ipod nano.


anyone else sick of taking their phone out of their pocket just to create a memo or quick reminder? too much of a hassle imo. Nano watch + voice memo = nothing forgotten

Adrián Adanedher says:

Why? I don't like stupid Ipods, I just want the quality audio and simpleness..

Karen Rivera says:

the nano is meant for music! the camera was just a nice lil thingy on the old nano but now apple wants us to have music right at our fingertips without gimmicky apps and stuff. if you want apps get an ipod touch!

carnage0615 says:

Only thing iPod is good for is music and videos…..iPhone sucks!!

Ruben Pillow says:

U have to be a idiot to buy a nano just get the iPod touch instead

WindowsVistaForEver#YOLO says:

I have one of these in silver , iv had it for about 14 mouths… and its in a bad shape.. the glass is totally shattered and metals all chipped and bent its really crappy although its still working like a charm! hummm mine dose not rotate tho, not sure why never has 

Jose Merino says:

it wouldve been better if apple at least let you use your photos as wallpaper -.-

SKAntoniou says:

btw just saying in my opinion, the best watch attachment to buy for this is the "loop attachment"

Esteban blank says:

You should definety get got mine today love it!!!!!! Good luck

longboardfreak131 says:

Can't decide if I should get this. I only need it for longboarding and like school or places I don't want my touch. Any opinions?

BlackStar3DS says:

ipod touch & iphones are to mainstream….
bought an ipod nano, making it the hype again lol

darkdante212 says:

Whats the point in hving a ipod nano 6,5g ipod touch 4g and a iphone 4

zackery1167 says:

Is gay

techformula says:

Does it have an EQ?

youngstokely says:

@ young money galaxy I know right lolol

jadedjimmy says:

Yo dudes nano is meant for music! The camera was just a nice lil thingy on the old nano but now apple wants us to have music right at our fingertips without gimmicky apps and stuff. If you want apps get an iPod touch, they're cheap now

Owen Lindenfeldar says:

can you put apps on it?

aguilar69 says:

24 hr. battery life my ass.

Raneo says:

nano 16gb or ipod touch 8 gb?

DudleyCake says:

At 0:25 Is That A Camera On The Greey One ?

nowisdasick says:

i have had one for a while now, very helpful

oliviasaria says:

*warning* easy to loose xDD

Tribalm _ says:

Im hesitating about buying this. I have two clickwheel iPod nano, and im afraid of the navigating in the menu and searching in the songs are harder than with the clickwheel. 

Ventem says:

The only thing I don't like about the new iPod nano:
VoiceOver changes the controls! I got stuck for like an hour trying to get back to the home screen! I had to go on the apple website to search the new controls when VoiceOver is activated. Very aggravating.

alinahartspink says:

@666loserboy wuts 3rd party apps?

alinahartspink says:

@Juggalo4Eternity17 i wuz wundering that 2!

alinahartspink says:

im getting 1 4 new years!

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