New iPhone SE hands-on

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The new 4-inch iPhone is essentially going to be a mixture of the iPhone 6 and 6S but in a body resembling an iPhone 5.

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NoSleepTime says:

i will sell my note 5 for this

ClocksBlinking says:

New To YouTube check out my se unboxing from Ebay, thanks.

Mr Arnold says:

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SugarUnicorn says:

Introducing the iphone SE people will say "Oh is that a iphone 5s?"

daedae will says:

What's that game called

Sha'Nya Foreman says:

Yet still Apple users talk about us Android users….. ????☕

Dragon Sniperslayer says:

Lol 640p resolution on a iPhone in 2016, typing now on a Sony 4k smartphone

Matsuoka Keita says:

iPhone SEX

Simmi Sharma says:

fake it's 5s

David Madrid says:

I think it's stupid that Apple make a new iPhone that looks like the 5S but has the same processing power as th 6S, what a waste of time.

jannis4608 says:

I love it! It has the perficet size The 6 is way too big for my taste.

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