New iPad Pro 10.5 review

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There’s a new iPad Pro at an all-new size, 10.5 inches. It has a bigger screen, but it’s faster too. Can it replace your laptop yet? Subscribe:

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MrSuthanS says:

The 10.5" iPad freezes… mine did right out of the box. Did anyone else have the same issue?
I see many reporting on Apple forums.

Roberta Mathias says:

This is the first iPad I feel like upgrading to since I got the iPad Air 1. Apple's done a great job this time.

Stevie 4Real says:

Great performance
Great display
Great battery life
Great camera
Great speakers
Great software
Great design
Great cost lol

Bryan Cheng says:

What is the photo editing app shown in 2:21?

Bethany Francia says:

Kinda wanna buy the old model but it might not hold up in several years with newer updates. I learned that with my iPad 2

Bogdan Rancea says:

With iOS10 the 10.5 iPad pro is incredibly fast. Apps open instantly and switching between app is just as fast. Does iOS 11 slows down the iPad?

Unfair Tuning says:

I use this as my secondary computer and love it. It's so much more portable than my 15 inch 2017 MacBook Pro. I plan on using it for note tacking and for my college textbooks. So like usual with apple if you have the extra money I'd recommend it but only as a secondary computer. It still has not replaced my MacBook.

Tiralful says:

Jesus Christ you are bias as hell. You say that it's 1ms faster than Microsoft's latest product (Surface) like the new iPad pro is old or something. There's probably 25 features that Android phones have that Apple hasn't adopted yet.

Abu Ahmad says:

? Where did you buy the table

Manab Shrestha says:

Take a shot every time he says iPad

jfgme says:

Can it do microsoft word? Need to know its a deal breaker for the reason i will or will not buy it?

Disney Crossy Road says:

2:21 Which app is that?

Archie Russell says:

effectiveness tend strain more throughout order.

The misogynistic Gamer says:

You sound like a fan boy

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