New Gold iPhone 5S Sneak Peek (vs iPhone 5 Teardown)

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Best Back to School Tech!
New Gold iPhone 5S Sneak Peek (vs iPhone 5 Teardown)

Top 5 iPhone 5s Features!

Apple’s iPhone 5S announcement is weeks away, subscribe for the unboxing and review of both the new iPhone 5S and 5C!

Huge thanks to Sonny Dickson for getting me the iPhone 5S back!

iPhone 5C Sneak Peek:

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Bailey Campas says:

I want the iron man phone ????

Muhammad Rafique says:

Soo good iPhone s5 very good

inter dom says:


Oscar Vicente Castro Torres says:

hpw do you get these pieces??

Ra Pr says:

I love it so much. 

El Killuminati says:

Wack the galaxy s5 eats the fukkk out of this rotten apple 

Genius At Work says:

i also have gold iphone, i maked a review about it, i said all truth about it , watch video on my channel

LightSoundImagination says:

I just honestly do not give a shit about apple !

BrucasIsBettaThanYou says:

Man if that gold phone had black face plate instead of a white face, I would get it in an instant

iphoneeyefilms says:

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Alanna Ugly says:

Apple kissing scumbag fake tech reviewer fraud Unboxtherapy copycat

R Mathis says:

Iphone 6 coming out like September – October… 2014…

Antrikash Mittal says:

still using nokia 3310

Adamczyk Erler says:

I know a good site for AT&T users who have trouble unlocking their phone, it's attiphoneunlocking, the most reliable unlocking site I have ever use

Brian Reed says:

Easy iPhone 5S 7.0.3-7.0.4 Jailbreak iOS 7. W W W . iPhone5Break . C O M

EverLastingMatrix says:

your hands look fake

andres blanco says:

Its truly fucking awsome i have one

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