NEW! Blue IPod Touch 5th Generation 16GB Unboxing!

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New 2014 version of the IPod Touch 5th Gen 16GB!

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Dk02 says:


based. aliens says:

What color should i get? Suggestions?

King Roblox says:

i want ipod 5 16gb 2014 for christmas ._. i hope i get it for christmas

Izzy Bee says:

This video helped because I am getting an iPod for my birthday and I wanted
a back camera but couldn’t afford the 32 or 64 GB so this assured me☺

BeRrybackLASH films says:

hey just out of curiousty when I get mine for Christmas will it come with
iOS 8 preinstalled or will I have to upgrade it from 7 out of the box

MLnotsoG says:

I got one this Christmas and every time I see it my brain says “iPhone 6:
iPod Touch edition”. 

trinity miller says:

Some guy said that the circle on the bottom was a security thing.

Dave Krawn says:

Getting mine on november *sob*

abbyand mady says:

got same exact one today been waiting for 2 years :)

Eric Nam says:

so i recently bought an itouch 5th generation 16 gb and it had a round
circle thing on the back where i can put a loop on. However, the loop
didn’t come with it (besides the earphones and the stickers). Is that just
me or do you guys have the same problem???

Amanda R says:

I’m getting one of these for Christmas!!!
It looks cool!!!

Macy S says:

Getting this for Christmas(hopefully), such a sexy device;)

Jazz Gold says:

Are you gonna talk or open the box?!?

Μάνθα Μ. says:

I’m really confused. I want either an iPad mini or an iPod… What should I

semaj mcneese says:

dose it come with a charger

José Estrada says:

I’m getting a yellow I pod 5gen 16g but idk if it well be enough I want to
get ios 8

TheLastMan says:

Wait, so the ipod touch 5th generation 16gb has a camera in the front and
the back now?

natalie nunez says:

So now it has a front and back camera?

Juana Quiroz says:

Hoy blogging for chirstmas

Ilovemakeup 399 says:

You know you got a fake right

SkullBreakerMaster says:

I’m getting one tomorrow!

Neve Ruddell says:

I am getting an ipod touh 5th generation for christmas in light grey
(silver) But does the 16GB version DEFINETLY hava a rear facing camera? :)

TheIdealGasLaw says:

Kid needs to cut his nails.

Areesha Jat says:

I have the iPod 5 16gb and its blue and they now have the back camera

Moe Campanaro says:

In 2013 Apple released a 16 Gb IPod Touch 5th Generation that had no camera
and was only available in one colour, but this year they’ve released a new
model of the 16 gb which is available in all the colours and has a camera.

Marshall Hall says:

I got one I saw it tryed to hide it but I found it mine is blue with back
cam 16 gb cant wait 3 days 2 sleeps

Stassy Valentine says:

My iPod 5 gen homepage is the new one , some peoples 5 gen homepage is the
old kind 

Brayden Jackson says:

I love this video

TheyCallMe Karma says:

hey im getting the ipod5 on Nov 6 but im thinking if i should get 16gb or
the 32gb because im jailbreaking it so i will be downloading alout of apps

Eshwie x says:

I’m getting the same iPod but online some people said that 16gb is rubbish
so should I get over 16gb on not?

naimhalim12 says:

did apple update the 16 gb model with back camera and more colours?

Darkar Gamer says:

I bought an ipod 16gb in black friday cost 150 has camera ????

Maria Diola says:

about 1650 photos,about 150 songs and about 10 apps what should I get?

DDCookieLover769 says:

I’m getting another 5th gen from best buy $150 i have the original 5th gen
16g it dosent have a rear thats why I’m getting another one

Laila Khan says:

yay it has a back aera woop woop!

tiffany bennhardt says:

He’s so patient to open it

Tyler Parker says:

I.have and mom 

Fardowsa Ahmed says:

I’m going to
Get a ipod 5

贾来来 says:


Ferdos Murshed says:

Black and slate

Freddy k. says:

so the 2014 16 gb one does have a rear facing camera?

Romel Hernandez says:

Is it ipod touch 5 gen or sony experia M2?pls help!

zaezae617 films says:

your stupid videos

FmG Gaming says:

Fingers crossed I might be getting one. Hopefully in blue but as long as I
get one I don’t mind the colour! Btw great unboxing!


I heard once I saw the Ipod touch 5g 16 gb but they said they had no or
little thing tracera camera to put the pendant but thanks for your video
and I saw you boy I knew for a link

Tiffany Whipple says:

I’m getting one for Christmas 

Yayah Guerra says:

Getting mine next week

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