New Apple Watch OS 2 Demo at WWDC 2015

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Apple demonstrates the new features for the new version of operating system running on the Apple Watch: Watch OS 2.

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We come from the future.


Xerson Mondy says:

No ought to pay everything to obtain Apple Watch here!
++ ++
I have examined it until now and it still offered!

Brad Hall says:

It showed sound with the vine video. I have never gotten sound from a video on my watch..

derrine lucho says:

No need to purchase everything to receive Apple Watch right here..
## ##
Couple of fair concern and you are completed

Peter Tran says:

I saw a vine app

Harsh Trivedi says:

Looks snappier

BBJ Gamez says:

Why don't YouTube make an app

Khalid Salem says:

Nice ????????????????

jason jones says:

so everything that android wear has been able to do since day one , apple watch can now do , what a load of shit , overpriced shit as well . sorry to anyone who bought one of these , no really im sorry you wasted your money on this crap. get an android phone and an android wear watch not this restricted crap . "im super exited " oh shut up please..

Diesel Lozano says:

Put a fucking camera on it an make it a bigger this shit is small

LtheMunichG says:

Sooooo gimmicky

Michael Harrison says:

I would like an emissions control switch on my VW app please.

Gee Bosnian says:

Omg thats so cool NOT

Cornelius J Taylor says:

when does it come out in stores

Alex Goncalves says:

I get cancer every time I read the comments section of an apple video

jeff d says:

not many people really give a damn about watches its not the 90's

Geovani Medina says:

I think it's pretty cool and I might get myself one maybe when 2.0 arrives, but we all know is only the beginning of smart watches era. 

PretentiousNoob says:

I bet you apple would be way ahead of Samsung If Steve jobs was alive (Samsung fan btw)

Anthony Kemp says:

Im sorry apple but there's no point in making new changes that should of been in the watch since day 1. Lol smart people i guess if it still sells

Shownomercy67 says:

The main reason I don't use an iphone: you have to void the warranty just to download simple modifications that are LEGAL. If you're simplistic, get an iphone. If you like more options and features, go with Android. Little bit more confusing, but a whole lot better. 

Christian Rosa says:

Hahaha "Force Touch" just admit it, its apples version of androids "long press" which has been on Android for 7 years now. Garbage.

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