New Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro

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At last, Apple has made a stylus for their new giant iPad Pro. It seems to work beautifully. Here’s the ad that describes it.

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IvettaB says:

do you have to download any drawing programs for it??

Nicitsu says:


Apple Pen

DaNeA Rakita says:

Why is just for iPad pro??

Captain Tahlon says:

Jonny, can take it away

Drenek says:

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Otaku-Durpy Arium says:

Im here admiring the art…not the pencil.

Rumaisha Nowshin says:

Will it work on iPad Air 2? Please reply. I am thinking of buying one.

Troll TV says:

same galaxy note

Ian Back says:

Hi, Ian here from Appostasy founders of PenSe case for the Apple Pencil! We are about to start shipping out would you like to review PensSe?! If your interested dm us on Instagram at PenSeCase to exchange details! Thanks for your time.

Ginny Slattery says:

what's the app for drawing????

christo benson says:

Why does almost everyone with that pen is a expert drawer

Appletech Pro says:

I say price drop I should be $44 and under

Wael Badr says:


exxodas says:

"A stylus? who wants a stylus?… Yuck!" – Steve Jobs

malwaretester2000 says:

Steve jobs: "fuck using a stylus," now look!

malwaretester2000 says:

Will this change Snapchat too?

TheCombatartist says:

The volume on this is so low I can barely hear this.

Jeha says:

This comment was the victim of a pencil.

Eymen Suluoglu says:

456445tipad pro

bryant ho says:

so what happens when you're drawing and you're hand touches the screen?

mufalme says:

why so many dislikes for this,,, why so many dumb comments,,, Jealous people, i like Surface pro 4 but its very glitchy, this is the next best thing,,,

Cherry Barrios says:

The thing I like about wacom pen (the older digitizer) is that I don't have to charge or change the battery.

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