MyWi: Make your iPhone a Wi-Fi Hotspot!

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I really, really love this app guys!


TomTomRandomo (Tom Tom) says:

Anyone else watching this in 2016?

A and B Gamers says:

so i just got the s7 when i couldve got a 6s plus FML!!!???

Youtuber Abbey says:

Does it use data

William Oakes says:

using pageplus (execrable) signal on the cell. except. permits virtually no use of the net. if attempts are made, it will kill calling. which is why i would NOT want the ipad sucking data off it. ever. tablet to phone, yes. no way telecoms are going to permit such tethering, particularly now that every DAMNED signal is locked. towns and such should be purchasing and using, instead of individuals being lashed to them.

Am Cool says:

Omg that's my name 

OBEY Asians says:

How do u get it

Marnin Darius says:

This work goods nigga i have jailbreaked my iphone and this is the bestest tweak

FarageFeminine says:

COSTS $20!!!! >:[

Brendan Leyva says:

Does it really work?


Does it require like cellular data or does it take no data at all?

ExCaLiBeR_360 says:

Does it work on ipod 5

ExCaLiBeR_360 says:

Do u need to pay for the wifi?

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