Music: “The Sounds of Heaven” by Rafael Brom

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Music: “The Sounds of Heaven” by Rafael Brom on iTunes

Cosmotone Records / Cosmotone Music (ASCAP)

The Sounds Of Heaven

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Cosmotone Music (ASCAP)
Cosmotone Records
© 1991 Cosmotone Records
CD – Product Number: CD-2006 AL
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Composed, Performed, Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Rafael Brom at Brom Studio, Pasadena, California
Instruments: Midi Guitars, 12 String Guitars, 6 String Guitars, Samplers, Keyboards and Vocals
Record Album Illustration and Design by Rafael Brom

Digitally Remastered by Colin Kennedy of Tortuga Music, Glendale, California

Final Music Score in TV movie of Hollywood Film Producer Kurt James Stefka “Crossroads of the World.

Peaceful, Heavenly, Healing, Inspirational Instrumental Music and Songs
Radio Stations: USA and Canada

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Revew by Jonas Sturas:
“The combination of lead vocals, choir and various digital musical instruments used in ‘The Sounds of Heaven’ takes you on a sound journey through the Heavenly Realm. As Heaven itself is indescribable so is this album. It is original, fresh and hard to categorize. No ‘Labels’ come to mind that compare to this work. It is a pure joy and pleasure for me when 1istening, especially at bedtime. The melodies are relaxing and soothing, and next morning its lovely sounds and prayerful, powerful, words remain with me. During the day many of the melodies run through my mind as a gentle, peaceful form of prayer and as a reminder of this other world to which all souls aspire.”
Jonas Sturas
KOQP, Pasadena, California

Music by Rafael Brom
Cosmotone Records – Cosmotone Music (ASCAP)

Rafael Brom

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Mary Amanda Pierre says:

Soo nice

Grundy Bundy says:

.,_,. I had a tear from this, though now I feel like a pus.

mysterychemistry says:

man is "odd material" ? however, these one octillion atoms that is man are together for a reason and represent the abode of a soul and spirit. where do these stand in the equation?

cosmotonerecords says:

Scientists claim that man is nothing but an accidental accumulation of odd material put together during a very brief fragment of time, doomed ultimately to disintegrate. The human body, they say, is composed of one octillion atoms, and three trillion of such atoms would form the period at the end of this sentence. They add that an atom is not actual material. If enlarged to one hundred meters in diameter, its contents would amount to waves moving with the speed of light, or faster. (Libor Brom)

TheWolffgang says:

estou a procura de uma musica vcs podem me ajudar? o nome Sound of heaven.

TheKhorton29 says:

Grandpa I know your with the angels and god now your watching over me but goodbye isn't forever grandpa I will see you on the otherside God knows I will see you on the otherside. love you.

TheKhorton29 says:

first thing you do is see your loved ones and friends who greet you with warm love and hugs and you see God its a very warming loving place the angels are beautiful and they have a calming tune they sing. I have had close calls with death the past few years and feeling god's touch has changed me in many ways I've learned to love oneself and love those who are here with you today.

Steny says:

ohhh… meee toooo!!!!
He's the One that gets me through everything in life, holding my hand till the very end..
I know for sure He'll never let go..

森 史 says:

The space is full of me. Global thought scale, it surrounds the world.

Joshua Samuel says:

Offspring are not fallible because its Creator is fallible, the offspring became fallible because it forgot its infallible Creator. Big difference

rawrimamagicaldino says:

Mark 16:16 "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned."

Darrius Mcneal says:

oh i i love jesus cant wait too see him one day when i die or when he returns to earth

Umtulla Williams says:


How happy that day will be.

Umtulla Williams says:


Just remember. We were not given a spirit of fear. As a matter of fact, perfect love drives out all fear. 1John 4:18.

primitive lifeforms says:

@atlas450115 why not just take the shortcut?

Laurence Matthews says:


shido says:


TheMetalLad says:

5 dislikes Illuminati members

KKOPPI says:

In your case the 'OMG' was meant literally 😉

Martin Krauser says:

@SSZeroFuse he is to those going to hell

Martin Krauser says:

sounds of hell good thing i found this to extinguish my fear

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