Microsoft VR Motion Controllers, Apple iTunes on Windows Store, Fall Creators Update

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During the Microsoft Build 2017 event, a ton of stuff was announced. From VR controllers, to Apple iTunes coming to the Windows Store, to a Cloud Clipboard. All this plus Payday VR coming soon and more on this episode of Netlinked Daily.

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Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock


Todd Wright says:

can we have the fall update now? shit i want ALLL Those features… besides the useless onedrive update 😐

Jason Saez says:

This Mother's Day, my wife got sick and I ended up buying her a new car! I can't keep up with any more illness!!!

Kineticartist says:

love these videos keep up the great work!

António Lisboa says:

I am comment 😀

K PS says:

Microsoft is boring these days

Porfirio Lopez says:

50 cent is spinning in his grave and he's not even dead yet lol. love you guys!

Diego Carrasco says:

So Microsoft it's the good guy?

billy eiland says:

"unknowingly"… suuuuure.

Cosmic says:

Key loggers…That isn't at all scary or paranoia inducing.

Manuel Soto says:

That Solar Roof sounds interesting, though.

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