Memory upgrade installation for iBook G4

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How to install memory into an iBook G4.

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Marelena Putrus says:

how to free space from hard disk for Ibook G4 12"

1205juergen says:

Thanks for the very good explanation video. An Apple collector from Germany.

Isaac Peterson says:

your are most likly running on an outdated OS. you can download an older version of firefox somewhere probably, but not on firefox's website.

Isaac Peterson says:

how come mine doesn't have the airport on top of the ram like yours? also, I i replaced my 512 mb chip with a 1 gig one from ebay, but the computer still says that I am running on only 512 mms of RAM, did the guy on ebay rip me off, or did i do something wrong?

TheElisabethPage says:

perfect! thanks!

Davoutay says:

The video was elegantly informative without a single word spoken.

masterflapdrol says:

I found 2 cards of 2 gig of RAM can i install thoose on it? or do i need to buy a new computer

tasneem shetewi says:

hi i have a problem with my ibook 4G.
i was just wandering if you can help me.
iam trying to install fire fox but every time i download it.
it downloads but with a big line going across it(which means i can not open it)
and when i open it it says that you can not open the application fire fox because it is not supported on this system please help
thank you very much for your time

appleopps says:

wha if i put a 2gb ram in there? what will happen?

ChrisVaughn85 says:

@macunwired Will it work if I put memory in my g4 that is from a ibook g3 "blue berry"? The memory in my g4 is 512 built in and the one i want to add is 192mb.Will it work?

Zachary King says:

So can I put 2 GB of memory or just 1 GB max????

qwert13y says:

I appreciate the irony of watching this from an iBook identical to the one shown in the vid, save for the upgrade of course, now to go find me a 1 GB chip

Iain Wright says:

Thank you…worked first time, no problem.

Tony Chea says:

@zachsgamingstuff The ibook has ram attached on to the motherboard already

BadHabit Loe says:

what kinda screw driver is needed?

Zach Schork says:

i have two questions: 1. when you take out the old memory chip and put in the new one, doesnt it lose the old memory making it 1 gb not 1.5 gb? or is the additional .5 built into the system? 2. do you have to get a specific brand or type of memory chip.

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