Meditation Music Mandala ~ “Yama” YMU, Yoga Music Unlimited

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This is the music we meditate upon. This is the music acclaimed worldwide by great Yoga practitioners and masters of meditation.

This pure and relaxing music is just the beginning. Experience the complete album available at Apple iTunes; YMU, Yoga Music Unlimited ~ the First Gita’s

NOTE:The color red within this meditation music mandala video represents the first chakra’s color and the “key” of the song uses the official first “key” of the 1st Chakra. The entire album by YMU then advances in the official chakra based keys.

NOTE: All of the content within this video presentation has been officially licensed and or created by this its uploader and producer.

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Sunil Keshari says:

I had go through your good video its mind processing

fascynacjon says:

Hi, I really love this music, I was having in on my yoga-music playlist for a long time and it is one of the best relaxing and mediation music which I am listening. Anyhow last times there is very annoying advert in the beginning and since this clip is in the middle of my relax playlist it totally spoils my yoga flow. Is there any way you can remove add from this clip?

gravedigger0ne87 says:

Life sounds good on the out side.but on the inside it looks BAD!

mygodiswithin says:

Wow. Thanks! It takes me really deep somehow. Actually it reminds me of this one: watch?v=S0_y1BCWpOo

Patrick Coughlin says:

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ChrisseyBearr says:

@pat5168 Wow, seeing that's what you think that just now showed me how intelligent and ignorant you are. One of the most unattractive things I know with people is the ability to not see things from other peoples perspective. It's incredibly confining, seeing that you're missing alot. Think before you speak, pal.

justclimb77 says:

@glenndermage It starts with your conscience man. It just so happens to ALWAYS tell you the right thing, whether you do it or not.

glenndermage says:

It would be totally fair if God would come to you at your 16th or something and tell you 'right' from 'wrong'. What's 'right' in your eyes might be wrong in the others. And don't give me crap 'but He told Moses already' because if the same thing would happen nowadays you would be locked up for hallucinating. And rightly so.
In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti. 😮


@pantheon777 agreed!

justclimb77 says:

@pantheon777 You cant sin until you know right from wrong….thats why babys go to heaven.

Patrick Coughlin says:

@pantheon777 And that's one of the reasons why I'm an Atheist. You didn't do shit wrong. The church is just full of corrupt manipulative assholes and pedophiles.

mygodiswithin says:

I got really relaxed almost imediately…. really good video, thank you! since you guys are in to the same stuff as me you just have to see this: watch?v=2_a-Yh5FTaE .. beyond this world if you ask me! anyway thanks again for the upload 🙂

Zarko Danilovic says:

i smell roses when watchin this

cdbfort says:

@ufosenbomen swastikas are a very ancient signal of love, as opposed to the Germanic use of them………

Lee Richardson says:

this song stops me from punching walls..thanks

StarnesLehman6 says:

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julienthebig says:

so relaxing it cleaned up my body

Pouya Pak says:

@sherberg924 Thank you

kaberlee says:

ok stan, I guess your right, cartman's being a real douche

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