(Making The Switch) From Apple to Android – iTunes to Google Music (Mac)

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This is a video demonstrating how to transfer your music from Apple to Android using itunes and google music.

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Elizabeth Freeze says:

Can your use a Version Note 4 with AT&T account

Dugi Game says:

TunesGo Transfer/Move your files (Music, Playlists, Movie, Podcasts, TV Shows, iTunes U and more) without limits between iOS and AndroidiPhone/iPod/iPad ← → TunesGo ← →Androidyou can import IOS file to TunesGo and export file to Android from TunesGo.

Spencer Chase says:

This video is so painful to watch that it makes me not wanna switch to android ever

Sabmis says:

Why would anyone do this…

Edras Pizano says:

Doesn't work.

Christopher Tomkinson says:

Word was so desperate to make a cameo but so cute bouncing up and down enthusiastically like that daaawwwwww

thebarberone says:

That's funny. Grrrr Apple: but I'm on a Mac?

Felix Morales says:

Can  i get the link to your Wallpaper

ZombieWan Kenobi says:

Is there a way to have google music manager read more like iTunes? The large artist photo icons and cumbersome task of opening each album to select songs for a playlist is a PITA.

Javier Rosas says:

Hi just wondering if u have a video showing how to transfer movies from ur itunes to samsung tables

Gus fletcher says:

Then after i convert all of my music to Google how do i get it onto my phone?

Fred Rio says:

Question, I just added new music to Itunes after already uploading all of my other files. I can't figure out how to upload the new music. Help!

harley mathews says:

this was great all the others were either out of date or had a really bad application that didn't even work to do so..

Chris B says:

Thanks dude!

abdolah lasfar says:


Ahmed Sami says:

Another question. Is there a limit to how much GB of music u can upload? Is it free ?

Ahmed Sami says:

Thats cool. Is there any way to backup android phones like how u do n IOS. (Full back up including app data ? ). Thanks

The YouTube Tech Guy says:

get a Google Play Gift Card

TheBlashMusic says:

what if I dont have a credit card -__-

Jacob Mata says:

hey have you noticed your computer slow down or mess up after installing google music? Mine is and my older brother says its the reason why its doing it but i don thave another computer to upload those songs.

Chantel Riley says:

How do I remove music off the google play?

randy ranga says:

whaaatttt???!!! android guy using a MAC!!??!!

Daniel Sonntag says:

seems like some albums don't upload to google….wrong format? also, i seem to have an itunes music folder and just a music folder (in the itunes media folder) PC not mac.

The YouTube Tech Guy says:

You're question or comment will be answered on the next Q & A Session on my second channel, Ask The Android Guy 2.0. Click the link in the description or youtube search: AskTheAndroidGuy2

jordan23g1 says:

Will the music still be left on itunes as well so you can still download to apple devices and does this work the same for a pc ?

Masta An says:

lol. I used to live in Canada and I moved to korea jsut a few months ago and it would take a few weeks for the rest of my things to come (including my pc) from canada but I jsut went over to my cousins house n got the music from there lol. but thanx for the advice tho ;P.

The YouTube Tech Guy says:

This will take over all of your songs from iTunes. However if you did want to use an alternative method you can use Kies Air from Samsung, which is samsung's way of doing this same process

Masta An says:

same here… Im trying to get the songs in my mac to my galaxy s3 and Im having the same problem. Maybe we could help each other out? lol. I think there's a way to do it if u install doubletwist.

The YouTube Tech Guy says:

only if you make it available offline

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