Making a FREE Apple ID or iTunes account directly from your iOS Device

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This is a video on making absolutely FREE APPLE ID or iTunes accound or iCloud ID. These are all different names for 1 thing. You can always use a computer to do so but this is an alternative method to do it directly via your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


a) Just make sure that you are not logged in with any previous email or Apple ID in your Settings – iCloud or Settings – iTunes & App Store as shown in the video.
b) When re-entering your Apple ID/ iCould account, make sure to write the ID along with the word ‘’ at the end exactly as shown in the video or else it will not recognize the email or password.
c) Also when launching App Store, make sure to download a Free App. Do not download a Paid app or else you will be guided to the page where you will have to write in your Credit Card information.

For creating an Apple ID using a computer you can follow this video:

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Dang Thao says:

thanks for your awesome video it worked for me

emac2299 says:

@gabz justing Any iPhone locked by Apple ID cannot be unlocked. As simple as that. You must contact the previous owner or try to recover lost password. Otherwise there is no chance. 

Sourabh Roy says:

thanks alot emac2299 this video helped me out. amazing video thumps up!!!

GamePlayG says:

my appstore sas get on free apps and how can i fix it ?

Lex Schmidt says:

If I remove my current iCloud account from my phone will it remove all of my contacts and photos and apps? 

GoblinGaming 97 says:

Everytime when i put install on an app is puts me to connect to icloud then when i push ok is stops downloading and i does this everytime

Freestyler Footballer says:

I was stuggling more than 5 hours
Wtf !! I cannt wait to use my iphone 6
But it seems
This trick to me isn't working
Wtf wth "verifying the count "

Regie Mojado says:

Thank you man 

Iphone cambodia says:

Why I can't create on my iphone4
When I create is no longer eligible
Please answer to me


+emac2299  can you please help i want to download on free app and after i enter my password it says verification required and o click of it got me to the in-app purchase and asking me a passcode and i dont remember my passcode pleaasse help

Siam Shahriar says:

its saying me you (this device is no longer eligible for creating a free iClould account) need a help

Paddy Monaghan says:

Thank you so so so so so so so so much !!!!!

bhavesh ahuja says:

TYSM emac2299

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