Make and Customize iPhone Ringtone from Music Without Computer or iTunes No JailBreak

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Joejam2845 says:

anyway to do sub titles on this? Cant understand a word this guy is saying….

VortexDoesYT says:

For every one saying it's free it is not I clicked 4.99 then buy I had 29.39 in my account it took the 5 bucks so it's not free stop saying it is

Alexandria borges says:

I went to my iTunes Store and purchased a tone for ringtone and for some reason when I go to my settings and try to make my ringtone that specific tone it's not there I only have it in my Apple Music can anybody help?

Mridul Mehta says:

that app is paid one….not for free …u dump

Daniela Corrales says:

It worked and I didn't have to pay ????????

Ricky C.m says:

You are cool,This is the easiest way to make a ringtone ever on iphone…

Joshua Dujon says:

It's not letting me export it?

emilyandelijah thamaravelil says:

Is there a free version?

Fanfic Princess says:

For me it was free

Topper Harley says:

That was super helpful, thanks man

HARRIBO2008JOE says:

It costs 4 pounds

Lanpod says:


Nhi Truong says:

Thanks bro, this helps a lot.

Youssef Walid says:

Lol this app came free with my iphone ????????

Ja Sajda says:

Hi guys, how can I erase ringtone that I have previously uploaded but I don't want to have it on my iPhone anymore? It seems not to be possible neither directly in the iPhone nor via iTunes. Thank you.

The hamster gamer123 The hamster Gamer123 says:

Fuck this it cause 4 fucking pounds

gery gonzalez says:

Just got the SE today and GarageBand came with it. This works PERFECTLY. I'm so happy

nipnuts says:

''one minute tutorial'' yeah dude this video is 3 minutes

Harsh Patel says:

oh my gosh, finally i got it my new iphone 6 remix ringtone as a default. this video works 100% thanks a lot seriously

Patrick Nikolic says:

Thank you

My Legga says:

נשמע ישראלי אחושרמוטה

Sud Saddi says:

cool really useful thnxx alot mate easy

Luke Braithwaite says:


uiyui iouyuiy says:

Thanks. This is very useful for me.

Sakai Za “Shinigami” Taoreta Akuma says:

Helped a lot thanks

SaythenameSeventeen!!! says:

After I click the loop icon there is no music button

Light Blood898 says:

The Fck is this guy on About?

Al Anood Al Ameri says:

Thank you ????????


What a scammer

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