Make an iTunes Account/Apple ID in any country without a credit card

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This video shows you how to make an iTunes account / Apple ID in any country, without a credit card, completely for free. With this account, you can download any FREE app in any country!

To create your address and personal details for the country of your choice, use

Hope this helps!


Mustafizur Rahman says:

Thank you so much…..

Waleed Abuleif says:

thanks bro you saved my life

Jonathan Akt says:

This works perfect. Thanks. Support

abdullah idrisi says:

Can you help me please i need us store location because iam saudia aribia thear is no App Store video downloadr and MP3 dowenloder All sey this app us store please help me my WhatsApp 009667607766956

Captain Greecious says:

Hey i want help because when i put in none then i press done and it says that i want assistance

mukhtar nour says:

i live in Somalia ,and recently i bought apple ipad, but there is no Somalia on the list of countries which means, so far i cannot make apple ID any help please

Kazoo Nation says:

Wow my country isnt available on their list and i have to verify numbwr

Jack Kilic says:

austrailian does not have none

Im Aubreymae says:

How to verify account?

Kate-Lynn Ayuzawa says:

Dear Mike,
thank you so much for this video! I was really desperate, 'cause the other-country-option on itunes wouldn't let me have no credit card for a chinese account and I read how this methode shall be working in some blog, but that's not helpful when you can't read chinese…
The step by step programm really brought me through it and now I could finally dowload the app I already thought I have to get up on!
Thank you sooooo much!!

Soj hua says:

None the less @jerrisse11 this was still easy as hell and it only takes like 5 secs to make a new gmail account. But anyways just wanted to give a big thanks to the maker of this video.. I had been searching google for almost 2 hrs now but decided to give up and try Youtube found this vid in 10 secs, now i can play this chinese mobile moba game (Ace of Arenas) ive been wanting to play forever!!

Redsam121 says:

The stupid payment method won't let me choose none in billing.

An Frog ? says:

You need a credit card for China lyar

DSalvador says:

Nice job bro

RI Gaming 1 says:

thanks it worked for me

Lina Zahweh says:

Fuck Steve jobs

Nejc Furh says:

Thanks man. I love you. Been busting my head open with this shit!

Mario Gharbi says:

it work thx

Scorpia64 says:

Worked perfectly thank you!

Diego Baas says:

At the end of the fcking video he tells me I have to use a fcking real Email so no I can do al this shit over again

NoorAldeen Fares says:

thank you bro

Vlatko Dimitrov says:


عاصم المطيري says:

يعيال الي فهم شي يعلمني تكفون

SpasticSalad says:

Thanks! worked like a charm : )

ريما القحطاني says:

ياجماعه مافهمت شب

Brandon says:

There is no 'None' option for the credit card verification, someone help! I need to play Pokemon Go 🙁

Mattern says:

This worked perfectly <3 Thanks Mike

Suha Ali says:

How do we add a credit card if the country isn't listed?
Is there anyway? I want to buy apps.

Aleksander Krosby says:

Do You lose your old apps

ChromeRain says:

I cant find the postal code

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