Macworld San Francisco 2004-The iPod mini Introduction

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Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the iPod mini for the first time ever.


Adam taleb says:

Max Bateman they replaced it with the iPod nano

Stuart Kerr says:

I still want this. And it was launched 10 years ago!

gptm1 says:

“Best $50 bucks every spent” ($249) Today you can get a 32GB iPod touch (8X
the capacity) with a ton of features for the same price! Sure have came a
long way. 


Now for $249, you can get an iPod Classic with 160 GB of memory! We’ve come
a long way. 

Keziah Owusu-Attuahene says:

You can get a MacBook Pro that is thinner than that now we’ve come far

I like dogs! says:

You shouldve continued the ipod mini :(

Mikias Haile says:

lol. 1000 songs. This is funny when I’m watching this in 2014

Just4commentchannel says:

back when 4gb was $250

Keziah Owusu-Attuahene says:

For £249 you can get a 32gb iPod touch 5gen and for £190 you can get a 16gb

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