MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Unboxing! 13 & 15-inch

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THEY’RE HERE & So Amazing! Unboxing the NEW 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar in 15 & 13-inch Flavors!


Tanish Sunilkumar says:

Can u please upload buying MacBook for free.

Caffeinated Login says:

1:41 "supposively"

johnyawesome 2003 says:

show your knife i want to know where to buy

German Gonzalez says:

I'm planning to buy a MacBook Pro 13 inch with touch bar but I'm not sure what adjustments I should get if I should just get it basic

Alvaro E. Aguilar Camacho says:

Where is the review ? We are waiting.

choowi 2020 says:

Are you a stripper? damn thats a lot of hundos

Hasten Mckissick says:

MacBook Pro giveaway?

Clarkec1c says:

Base 2015 MacBook Pro or 2016 MacBook Pro with price in mind?

zorg axb says:

what is your motivation to put a nokia 3310 on the boxes? ?

ExRetsuya says:

Don't tell me, 1 of those MacBook Pro u just unbox in this video is now dead because USB Killer experiment show like in your previous video…

fer0xx says:

okay. 4300$ for a laptop with a processor that even low quality dell laptops outperform. And a little bar with the technology that 100$ phones have AND do better. And pretty much everything else is the same. First, a book for 300$, now a laptop which the Razer blade, a laptop for 2k$, has 50 miliamps less than this new MacBook. And a processor 15X faster than it. And a lightup keyboard just for the aesthetic.

Wesley Nguyen says:

should I get the 13" 3.1Ghz i5, 8gb memory, 512 Gb SSD or 15" i7, 16gb Memory, 512 Bd SSD? I want to know which one will be the best for me in the long run

Joshua Rangel says:

Man I wish I was as rich as him

Milla K says:

Pure gimmicks

Cesar Navas says:

hi! +EverythingApplePro I was wondering if you are going to sell the 13 inch mac (If I were you I would!)
so if you are doing that. send me please a number! I'm like crazy looking it for my December present!
so after you finish with it. I would feel honored to recibe your decision.

Tomo Nikolic says:

do a collab with ijustine!!!

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