Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Review! Worth it?

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MacBook Pro with touchbar: Worth living the dongle life?

dbrand Macbook Skins:

2016 MacBook Pro Unboxing:

Macbook Pro with TouchBar:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



Diamond Eevee says:

I'd buy one if there was an option to have regular function keys instead of a touch bar for a discount (on the 15 inch)

rwchunn says:

nice video!

Vincent Gagliardi says:

I am from the future apple products get hacked and steal your info and blow up once they are done

Himanshu Bhansali says:

Yeah its Worth it , Austin Evans !

geebobwiz geebob says:

Thanks for the review man. I have owned too many HPs and Dells… I will never go back to those crash masters! Mac has always led the way in quality and advancement in technology (well the early 90s was a bad time). Either way, worth every penny… this will probably be my next purchase!

Edy Haoui says:

5:40 when you open in safari "videos of any kinds " damn deep?

SamJS says:

would be better placed under the spacebar where is more easily accessed.

Mauro Cerino says:

Hello people!
I have a question for you .. I want to buy a new MacBook Pro. I want it to last me at least 5 years, (I have to clarify that I am from Argentina, so to us these things surprise us and we seem faster than you haha haha , The competition for comparison is much worse)
But Wherever I see a review I see the same final comment, the 2016 MBP is expensive, and not worth buying.

The question is: what should I buy? A complete new full Macbookpro 2015? And how exactly can I buy it new? If Apple already remove it from its official sale ..
And if not there what purchase options do I have?
Also, is there much difference in performance from one year to another?

thanks a lot for response!

LuaModelMakerVideos says:

Everything on the outside is the future, the screen, the track-pad, the speakers the touchbar, the ports which i couldn't use to charge my iPhone 7 without a dongle.
Everything on the inside is the past. The RAM, the processor, the graphics, the hard drive space.

All for the price of a used car.

MRB SP says:

Hey, could you make a compare between the MBP 13 inch 2015 vs MBP 13 inch 2016, for buyers now. Both great machines. Or wait for October 2017

Kevin McManus says:

Is this the 13 inch or 15 inch MacBook Pro?

CharlieAndSai says:

Apple= Workers, Student and real life machine.

Pc= No life Gamers

Aline Magalhães says:

can it smoothly run the game The Sims 4? Thanks

fmxy says:

Can you do an update about the touchbar support?

Luke Gaikwad says:

What's going on with the grain of the wood on the desk at 8:56?

Hysterical Outrage says:

You're the best!

Mushfiq Rebel says:

U r so genuine mann , God bless u

Michael Do says:

I cry when I read comment sections about Apple products, so many haters out there. Idc if he was paid by Apple to do this or not but there are things he says in there that are right. Sure the MacBook is insanely overpriced, specs aren't the best either, not high end specs at all, but if you take the price aside, the whole thing isn't bad, it's a good laptop, it's not just about the hardware it's about the software also. I use both Windows and Mac, I like both, Windows has more things to do, features but Mac OS feels more optimized. Also I still think all USB-C ports was a bad move, should've had other ports. Anyways…. Windows and Apple laptops are good… It's just a matter or taste and what you do with your laptop.. All of this is just my opinion…

thirtyonetwentyfive says:

I always get the MacBook Air and I'm looking at a pro.

ElCheChe1010 says:

Short answer: No

Long Answer: Noooooooo

Vyom Jain says:

pay really close attention on the table at @8:50

eze ess says:

for general use ? students? hmm a 400 dollar hp that works just fine for general use or a 1500-2000$ laptop that does the same thing. mac's are a status symbol for spoiled brats

Kaman Bagati says:

8:54 what in the world was that effect lol im gonna be sick

Wild Robloxian says:

I brought it and it is the best 1300$ I have ever spent

Hugo diaz says:

great vid I don't use laptop but when I saw this at best buy n saw the old one. I automatically new it wasn't worth it . also the price just was a huge difference between the old one n not to many good features.

Dilip Tien says:

The SSD's size is simply unaccceptable

Sion Jophi says:

next gen is usb-D

??? ??? says:

It's a good laptop. It's just overpriced. Compared to competition in the market, it should be $1200-1500 (not $1700-2300).

Atomic 夢 says:

i feel apple shouldve given its users a REAL bridge to the future. rather than removing all ports, why not give us 2 usb, 2usb-c, hdmi, and SD card? Not to mention MagSafe.

QTorroba says:

Short awnser no
Long awnser nooooooooooooooooo

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