Macbook G3 Review

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iBook G3 review/show off

700mhz PowerPC G3
256mb sdram
Mac OS X 10.4.11


Oliver Smithies says:

Macbook g3?? Seriously??

kyle self says:

lol picked this same mac up at a pawn shop for a $100

rageID2011 says:

Ummmm… quick question, is there a audio import for mics?

Angela Lane says:

i think im gonna buy one of these for 60 bucks…thanks for the review

Nick Tech Talk says:

i just got 2 working ones complete for 80 bucks

corey alejos says:

@gamer25000 you can probubly buy a ibook g3 for 200$ dollars by itself.

TheToby505 says:

i got mine for £150 + £15 for postage off ebay 🙂

Kogey Fox says:

I got an iBook g3 for $50 dollars with working clean OSX Tiger and airport card. Only thing it needs is an AC adapter which I can easily score a third party one from ebay for 10 dollars.

ShookOne13 says:

i got mine on ebay for 72 bucks the 600mhz one, did i get ripped off?

Pieter Populaire says:

I'm getting the 500MHz, 10GB, 512MB for like 20€ (approx 28$)
Pretty nice price (only backspace button is broken (the button itself))

SIMPLYME100 says:

where i the reset button on it?

branden morales says:

@kriegs089 hey krieg, how did you put leopard onto an ibook g3??????? teel me how you did it

branden morales says:

@kriegs089 not really they are 9 years old!! =D

MrJstokes22 says:

Yea I might buy one for 80$ it just needs a new battery idk if I should though

Drake Daraitis says:

@keykeyx10000 Oh ya? Nice.. Im using mine right now. I typed this comment on a G3, 900mhz 608mb of ram, 75gb hard drive. Its souped up for 2005 hardware

Drake Daraitis says:

@keykeyx10000 Not worth it. You could get better

Quekil830 says:

how did you get a superdrive

Aamir Abro says:

can i run xcode on g3

bakikok says:

why my yahoo messenger not work..?please help me…!!!

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