Laszlo – Mr Sunshine – ( Official Animated Music Video ) HD

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Laszlo – Mr Sunshine – ( Official Animated Music Video ) HD

Animator/Illustrator – Si Clark –

About Laszlo

Newly formed label Lydian launch themselves with an experimental journey into electronica with fluffy psychedelics, jazzy keys and a child-like innocence courtesy of London based producer Laszlo.

Laszlo is an accomplished multi instrumentalist who has previously had a successful career composing music for TV programmes and adverts worldwide. His influences stretch from jazz artists like Frank Zappa to people like Claude Debussy and on to electronic acts such as Aphex Twin, Apparat , Bibio , Pre-fuse 73 . His music blends various styles and textures, constantly touching on dance, experimental, jazz, folk, classical and world music. Despite its experimental nature, his music still boasts intricate and memorable melodies in addition to catchy hooks and modern beats. His music originates from solo piano pieces; it does not use samples, but instead programmed and performed from scratch. ” Mr Sunshine ” includes three original tracks from Laszlo and two remixes of the title track. Throughout the release, the London producer demonstrates well thought out instrumentation throughout clever compositions that combine organic musical elements with electronic textures to wonderful effect. The sound remains playful but will an intelligible musicality that will engage listeners of any genre.

Opening with the title track, ” Mr Sunshine ” starts in a warm an approachable mood. Influenced by modal West African guitar styles as well as the kora playing artists of the region, the track uses mandolin, Spanish guitar, piano and Rhodes to create a friendly and playful beginning. Zeitgeist continues in similar vein, but includes vocals from the London based singer / songwriter, and percussion made up from household items including pieces of wood , walls and the side of a mandolin. Heavily processed by Laszlo, these sounds come together to create lucid rhythms and patterns. “Anatolia” takes on a more minimalist persona, encompassing delicate keys and soft wood and pipe instruments. Accompanied by a Ragga Waltz mix from Laszlo himself and then a glitchier version of ” Mr Sunshine ” from Todd Baker this is a full and varied package, and one that certainly gives us a glance at what this talented producer has to offer.

Mr Sunshine

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Laszlo – Mr Sunshine – ( Official Animated Music Video ) HD

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Laszlo – Mr Sunshine – ( Official Animated Music Video ) HD


Nick Oleksiak says:

I guess death is eternal bliss lol
Fun video either way. It helps me find a good mood :)

Leyli Atkinson says:


cangajó ivi says:

Laszlo – Mr Sunshine – ( Official Animated Music Video ) HD:

RichardJrock_91 says:

It makes me feel HAPPYYY!! =) NICE SONG!!!

Bradley Frank says:

Mr Sunshine…

LightningGaleBlissX says:

the guitar guy looks a bit like jesus praise god :D

Pine Koala says:

WTF!.. Thats normal

bornaturaleaderobn says:

I am LMAO!!!
I guess the cow in the space ship was the lucky one.
Damn bird!!

MistahJuicyBoy says:

What the hell?

LoEyBtrick says:

how do people make these types of videos? what program do they use to animate?

Lex Disselkoen says:

Weird ending

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