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Old Tech is back in vogue, and we have the KIDS REACT to 1st Generation iPods! We talk about the future of tech, changes in tech, and more!

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This episode featured the following amazing kids!
NOTE: Kids that are technically ‘teens’ will remain on ‘Kids React’ until they enter high school.
Dominick, age 7
Jenna, age 7
Sydney, age 7
Melanie, age 8
Brooke-Monae, age 9
Kelis, age 9
Maxim, age 9
Niki, age 9
Isael, age 11
Morgan A, age 12
Dylan, age 13
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Creators & Executive Producers – Benny Fine & Rafi Fine
Coordinator – Cynthia Garcia
Post Production Supervisor – Nick Bergthold
Editor – Alyssa Salter
Lead Assistant Editor – Rebecca Wood
Assistant Editor – Andrea Winslow
Researchers – Alaina Rook, Alex Wechsler
Set design – Melissa Judson
Music – Joseph Carrillo

KIDS REACT #133 – 1st iPOD

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alrighthana says:

I remember having those, and taping my headphones to the wall and putting the volume all the way up and I thought I was so smart omg

Mick Quack says:

I think I used a walkman until almost 2001? I was so into mix tapes.

Julia Spainhour says:

2001: When dinosaurs were around

Kids these days?

jxk46 says:

You still need headphones for new iPods XD

Alvaro Ramos says:

Many kids today wont be grateful for todays tech.

Catie Crady says:

I'm 14 and I know what those are I have one that's my iPod literally

Khale Tuala says:

I'm guessing all these kids have an android?

Carlos F Barajas says:

ja ja ja the new generation ?

Geum Max says:

I Had This 2004

Shelby Taylor says:

I'm only 24 and I feel like a grandma watching this.

M7md alsoufi says:

"sorry i didnt knooow … that your alive"

roasted !!!

Abdul Jaffar Samaon says:

WOW… I'm… older than a Dinosaur…

The SlashingSceptile574 says:

Why am I the only kid who doesn't need a touchscreen?

Donald Trump says:

these kids are an image of what tommorow can bring, im very scared, when finebros originally came the kids actually had arguments other than its hold and i cant reach my headphones

10/10 America, you done messed up

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