I’ve Got The iPhone 8 Prototype!!!

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The iPhone 8 (iPhone Edition) will be launching shortly. Today I got my hands on the most comprehensive prototype I’ve seen. This iPhone 8 prototype includes a visual representation of the eventual screen to body ratio. This iPhone 8 prototype features a 5.8-inch screen in a very slender body which is not much bigger than the standard iPhone 7. When compared to the iPhone 7 Plus the design of the iPhone 8 prototype is even more impressive. The 7 Plus is a huge device but only features a 5.5-inch display. The closest comparison that can be made is the iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8. The Samsung is the only other phone in my possession with a similar screen size and screen to body ratio. There is no headphone jack present on this iPhone 8 prototype. Current speculation (supported by this iPhone 8 model) seems to indicate the lack of TouchID as well (fingerprint scanner). Instead Apple may opt for a facial recognition unlock system similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The iPhone 8 (iPhone Edition) represents a very important device for Apple. In a market where smartphone prices are dropping rapidly companies like Apple and Samsung have to work much harder to convince customers that their products are worth the cost premium. Some will say that Apple has copied Samsung in the design of the iPhone but I think the race for maximum screen to body ratio was inevitable for smartphone manufacturers. Current speculation puts this iPhone 8 design at the top in those terms. Apparently, there is no other phone currently available that features this much screen in a body this size. Of course there are other features Apple will add to the iPhone 8. Wireless charging is expected to be present. The dual-lens camera will also be there (no longer a plus model only feature). Also, the power switch has been elongated on this iPhone 8 model making it easier to reach for a wider variety of users.

So here’s the question for you… Will you be upgrading to the iPhone 8 (iPhone Edition). Is the new display enough to convince you to do so? For Android users, will these developments with the new iPhone convince you to jump ship to iOS? Will you bother buying a new smartphone in 2017… 2018? Let me know in the comments below.

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Unbox Therapy says:

prototype: a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.

Nik Miller says:

Saying its a 5.8 display is kind of a farce considering you just see your reception, time and some notifications in the corners. Not a true 5.8

Khadir M says:

An illuminated apple logo on the back, like the MacBook would be dope

Dimitri says:

too much hand movement son, chill on the caffeine a little bit.

Deepak N says:

I agree with it I love itt

Coconuthead says:

Apple isn't copying Samsung, Samsung follows apple leaks and rumors and rushes something out before Apple. Apple was always going to make an iPhone like that, Samsung shot too early and failed with the S8, I mean the glass glares on screen where It curves around the edges, you can't even view a full-screen image property, even on billboards of the phone you can see the glare overlapping the image, it's hilarious.

Fanboys and all that aside, please study your history Apple really has pioneered most of the technologies you use in the mobile tech world, and also sets design language trends. Study the history it's really interesting.

Techgeek says:

Guess we've reached the ultimate in competition with Apple and Samsung finally going toe to toe with handsets that have the same or extremely similar screen real estate…

Apple will sell a boat load of the new iPhone 8 models even if the final design does not completely satisfy the die-hard Apple fanboys who will buy the latest model even if it only has incremental changes compared to previous iPhones…

I think this iPhone 8 is a winner but I will be sticking with Android and Samsung because they are the world leaders in smartphone design and technology…

And the fact that Apple are still relying on Samsung to supply them with chip technology for their new iPhones is proof enough as to why Samsung are still the world leaders and will never be knocked off that top spot.

Konrad Kmita says:

How about ApplePay? You want to pay for sth and you say to the salesman: "Wait, I have to look at my phone in order to pay you" lol

david Björklund ha kinesiska på universitet says:

Daam that is ugly

Toby Thomasen says:

The iPhone 8 is ugly as ugly things 🙂

Robert Sim says:

I think it's gone be shit

Tech&Music says:

lol its like what Samsung with the S8 but the iPhone 8. Conspiracy…….

Eevee Boi says:

oh wow lets make the camera vertical and lets add the home button to the main UI bang new phone from scratch… (nah its just an Iphone 7 without the home button and a vertical camera thats it)

James Thomas says:

21,042 butthurt people who don't know how to google "Prototype definition"

Matthew Raymond says:

I have a 6s+. I like it and had it for nearly 2 years now. I have never had an android phone of any type. Is this new iPhone enough for me to update?, no. What I want from my next phone, apple, Samsung or pixel, I don't care which, is a battery that will last longer than a day. Give me a thicker phone, a heavier phone, big bezels, I don't care. I want a battery that will last a couple of days of heavy use without a charge. I wish the phone companies would just stop the crap and listen, 'cause I know I'm not alone here.

Pandapoopie1 says:

So the new iPhone is a galaxy s8? Lol.. Basically.

Kirsty Dunne says:

I'm praying that this is not the iPhone 8 it looks like Android

Chris Manning says:

Off topic, but could you make a video about your beard grooming regimen? Your beard is freaking awesome.

Adi says:

i've seen all of your videos and you feel like family now !

PuNiSheRR says:

When will be the next keynote?

Daghda says:

oh look, this Iphone is just like all the other iphones! I better get in line right now!

Jalen Barksdale says:

Hate iphones

Tony says:

Apple used to be special when Steve was there. The iPhone was always something unique that separated itself from other phones. Now, it does not seem to keep those appeals anymore. Why would I want an iPhone to look like a Galaxy. It seems like Apple is always behind now and just following other trends of technology rather creating something unique for themselves. If Steve is still here, he would not let any of this shit happen.

Rodrigo Kruspe says:

Im I the only one hating the new iPhone's display desing here?

Showboater28 says:

So basically the iPhone 8 is the Galaxy Note 7 (glass back, facial recognition unlock)…. but with iOS… Nice job Apple.

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