iTunes in the iCloud Demo – Download your iTunes songs from iCloud (First Look)

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A new feature of the upcoming iTunes and iOS 5 is the ability to download all your iTunes music wirelessly from iCloud. When launched, there will be a subscritpion-based iTunes Match that will also make your non-iTunes music available.


Round Frame09 Wood says:

ssome kind of  scam

Ser_ Ryon_Vine says:

so im guessing this only works for music and/or videos purchased in iTunes? I've only seen the iCloud icon next to the ones i bought.

Grossly says:

What about songs I didn't purchase from the store that are in my itunes?

Sarah Bearden says:

iOS 5????

pete blosser says:

good lord get to the point already !

Screamin Mime says:

I have 3000+ songs, how do I just put them ALL back on my device like I wanted before this "pretty cool app" striped my device of all my music?

Dylan P says:

so you can't do this with music you haven't legally purchased from iTunes? Like songs you downloaded from other sites and are just stored in iTunes

arkoudaki34 says:

Doesnt work my music files do not appear in my music although it does the download thing

Sarah Duron says:

I'm trying to do this on my laptop, It is telling me that I have to authorize my computer to download past purchases. How do i do that?

anbucrow951 says:

how to delete song from icloud

Morgan Curtis says:

But when I click on the cloud it doesn't just download! What do I do?

R MCK says:

Please can you answer my question. My Imac storage is full with music videos i've downloaded from youtube and put in itunes. Can i put these into the cloud and make room in my Imac storage while keeping the music videos on my ipod classic. It's all so confusing. I hope you have the answer. Please email me the answer to Many Thanks Ritchard.

Jesse Mcmeekin says:

So I can download all my songs from my computer to my laptop?

Marcus says:

Thanks need that help!!!

Frog1000Crazy says:

Do you need the iCloud to download songs? Because i had my 3rd gen iPod and it has music in them.. and i downloaded them for free..PLease msg me asap

Jordan Mitchell says:

Itunes is so fukin annoying!! Giovin me headaches right now!!

Sarah Friton says:

Thank you so much. I hate how I can not figure anything out with itunes.

Nightmare Ego says:

Once I hooked up my Itouch and downloaded the new Itunes 11, most of my songs came missing but it was in my Itunes Library but not in my IPod. Do I just click on the ICloud to re-install it and sync my IPod and it'll instantly show up? Or… Because I'm a bit worried that all of my missing songs, are in my PC and not my IPod.

Christian Erickson says:

I have the iphone 8 gigs of storage… I am currently using a lot of space for my music. is there a way I can dump them into icloud, use that 5 gigs for my music storage then delete the music off my phone and get my 8 gigs back for the phone?

RegularFan101 says:

What if you bought a song and it wont download on your iPad? >:( I bought like 8 songs and none of them were on my playlist!

teo edrupt says:

so can you only have music youve purchased off itunes ? u cant have cd burnt to it ? i tried icloud on my 3gs and all my albums dissapeared 🙁 would you not be able to get them back?

ennraii says:

What if i did not purchase my music? I downloaded it for free. It isnt in my purchased section….

JDH says:

So what is the 5GB of data that we are given for? I thought that I could add music from my library instead of using the match feature. Thanks in advance.

Terry Vogelaar says:

@CorruptedBeast I don't think they are encouraging it; pirated music is a reality and iTunes Match is a way to monetize it and thus making it less 'stolen'. It of course is intended for bonafide usage, and the side effect is that they make the grey area a little whiter.

CorruptedBeast says:

Are they encouraging pirated music :)?

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