iTunes for Windows

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This is Steve Jobs introducing and demonstrating iTunes for Windows during the 2003 MacWorld keynote address.


MSWindowsinside says:

iTunes sucks now. Ddoesn't matter whether it's running on Windows or Mac, it sucks.

Shubham Oza says:

bill gates feeling blessed when Steve jobs using xp

NinTaco says:

c r i p p l e d

Gamecube007 says:

iTunes has really gone down in quality over the years.

The Maevian says:

Back in the time nobody used musicmatch or wmp on Windows, winamp was the best jukebox on Windows 

FilCanJay says:

This was actually funny when Steve went on to demo in Windows he was making fun of the Start button but it seems to be cut from this version.

dark bendover says:

does it play mkv?

Zane X says:


Scar A says:

If you use a mac you won't have to worry it comes built it with a virus-free tampon. Go ahead an download.

Quinten Maessen says:

yeeah a free virus

masonaaa says:

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DaryxFox says:

If you don't like what you see, stop looking in the mirror.

archie977 says:

look at that pretentouse pile of shit

archie977 says:

and all those people in the audiance will rot in the ground soon rot like the piles of shit they are

archie977 says:

im so glad that sack of shit steve jobs is rotting in the ground right now aggots eating his flesh i wish i had a hand in his cancer i would have made it last longer suffer you fuck

super sword says:

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Arekksu says:

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BrownBoy1stFU says:

fuck u apple for keep updating itunes

Juliet Li says:

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archie977 says:

ya wanna know how steve jobs finaly died of cancer? his sick twisted mind finaly turned in on itself now he is rotting in the ground like a field mouse good riddens to him and all his kind soon

Junior Angulo says:

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