iTunes Error: “itunes can’t connect to this iphone because of an unknown error occurred”

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a quick tutorial on how to fix an error that doesn’t connect to your device
Windows 7 version


Eyra Idris says:

Oh! Thank god! It's working??

Janet Alexander says:

It would be nice it there was sound and more notes on the screen as to what you are doing.

Internet Keyboard Warrior says:

Nice, thanks man.

lbena tmichael says:

thanks 4 nothing :/

KoJ REBEL says:

Thanks man didn't work but I'm getting there!

Dewi Rizki Kurnia says:

:'( doesnt work :'(

philip pettersson says:


ali shehabi says:

for macbook ??

PSPHaCkErAOD says:

doesnt work just makes it so itunes cant even connect to phone

Erenated says:

whether or not it worked for most of you but after all the solutions, this method fixed all my problems with itunes, thank you, you are a life saver

juwain nehil says:

Does not work

Abady Bahpishy says:

Doses not work

Alex Kirk says:

does not work

Asmaa Nassar says:

its not working :/ thx

Superman says:

did'nt work fail gadget geek

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