iTunes as ice water

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Steve Jobs sums up what using iTunes on Windows is like.


AlphaDream says:

lol he deserved cancer

P​uto ​​​​ says:

This was back when iTunes on Windows was actually good. Nowadays, it's an unstable piece of crap.

NaturalBornCamper says:

More accurate would be a glass of ice water in hell, except it has poison in it or is in fact acetone… So yes it's refreshing but you will suffer the consequences.

rizz2pro says:

Who would send this mail? You are talking about a music player. You can't even do anything in itunes….. "my favorite windows app is my screensaver"

David Lopez says:

And one more thing….
You Are Truly Missed Steve Jobs

jaberjbaar says:

And now he really need that glass.
Except he will not get any.

Gunta Lūse says:

It sometimes takes hours to find out what you just bought and to make it available to view. On iTunes store. Like Apple is some kind of super guardian of all licences and when you spend your money on that shit. directly from your credit card.
You actually have to go to iTunes store (which is soo tricky) choose purchased goods. And then you will see what you actually claim? *(#&)#$
And then it you are lucky it will appear on your ipad, iphone, mac, windows – that really does not matter.

It takes really wierd action stream to get movie you bought 5 minutes ago. iTunes water? No iTunes is worst application I seen in modern world so far. No bullshit. It sucks – so bad. Better get some netflix account for old stuff and something more appropriate for new stuff.
Quality on iTunes rocks. But application is misery. Better choose something else.

Jeff says:

Haha yes, I like using Windows but that was a great metaphor.

divinity176 says:

Anyone who really is moved enough to write in saying iTunes is their favourite application on Windows shouldn't have wasted their money on a PC.

Mansor Manson says:

you changed the direction of the world Steve

Simen says:

At least we recogniZe spelling better.

As for Apple, yeah they did great and I hope they continue to do so. Competition has always been the best driving factor in this industry.

The Interportal says:

Zune is a very good jukebox on Windows but on Mac OS X, iTunes still blows away everything.

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