iStrapped Active Band for iPod nano 6G (iWatch): Review

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The iStrapped Active is a band (strap) made to turn your Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation into a wrist watch. The watches come in a variety of colors and can be worn with many color combinations to match your mood.

The iStrapped Active is made of high quality silicone and fully encases the Nano to keep it protected. The band works great in the gym due to its silicone texture and contoured design. The headphone jack and charger port have been left open in order to plug in your headphones and other iPod Nano accessories (Nike step counter).

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Murph26 says:

Apple watch 1gen

Minato Namikaze says:

2:20 for a second i thought that screen was boken (:l

wavy garcia says:

yeah that should have been the 7th gen

hittyhitmon says:

£109 for the orange 6g

Yilin Zuo says:

Why you choose silicone?

Jacob Chrystal says:

all it needs is facetime…and we are now power rangers hahahaa

Blazotronic says:

What?! He wasn't listening to Coldplay?!

Revan1606 says:

Beginning to think it's a scam

Revan1606 says:

I Bought The Damn Thing And Never Still Has Not Shipped.

Antara J says:

He stretches the things too much LOL

GTA5FanMan says:

fucking badass I saw that green day cover

TheExecutiveBanana says:

all i could think was "he's a lefty"

Justin H. says:

get an ipod touch

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