Is this the best FAKE Apple Watch? (Unboxing)

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In this video we’re unboxing another one of these fake gadgets, this time an Apple Watch. The device goes by many names, usually either goo phone watch or IWO watch. Here is a link:;searl|0301498576


Luke Miani says:

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Ramon Jansen says:

What color did you orderd ? Because the watch is black/silver but the strap is black.

miran moore says:

how can I get one

Fluxx says:

cut your're finger nails.

Tobias .M says:

Does it have German language?

Kushal Singla says:

what is price of this fake watch
and from where i can buy it

Sydney Klein says:

I have a real Apple Watch and that is so fake

David Davtyan says:

Couldn't tell if he's serious or his lying…

Journey Similton says:

can u send me a fake iphone

Ren Moose says:

I just want a fake Apple Watch to wear for decoration

Kourtney Predium says:

Awesome review !!!!

Rasel Bng says:

Iwo 1:1 and iwo 2 is same product? Or which one is best … i want to buy….

Paradox says:

Luke Do those sensors work?

ChaseLymanVlogs says:

what is your sexuality? homosexuality?

Leander Dcruze says:

Love this watch can you plz buy me this watch plz Die Hard Fan of urs btw i live in Australia

64 Bit Gamerz says:

can u give me that watch

64 Bit Gamerz says:

how much cost

Faizz Memon says:

From where you buyed clone watch

Trishen Naidoo says:

can you put a sim in it

Guntur Official R says:


Natalie contreras says:

do you own a apple watch ?

Apallo gaming says:

it also works for samsung i clicked the link and it says for apple iphone and samsung

is it true

Clash4life Bro says:

is it just me or I would buy that because I will not pay a 120 dollar watch?

Syamil Zul says:


Galaxylife3 says:

I cant tell if he is being sarcastic

Akshat Kumar Nagora says:

does it have camera

King_Cole_09 says:

is this watch waterproof

Frankie Theiling says:

well would you look at that (ed bassmaster)

Bufu Jasra says:

name of watch?

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