Is the iPod touch 6th Generation Worth It?

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The iPod touch 6th generation is new for 2015 but is it worth it?

iPod touch 5th vs 6th Generation Review:

With the Apple A8 processor and a new 8 megapixel camera the Apple iPod touch has gotten a much needed updated over the iPod touch 5G from 2012. For the iPod touch 6G we’ve got a few new colors including gold and space gray and iOS 8.4 with Apple Music built in. I do a thorough review of the iPod touch camera including photos, video and slow motion along with a look at gaming performance.

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Calvin Manalo says:

iPod touch 6 or iPhone 5c

Noah Pierson says:

Getting this on December 26th

Steven Hutomo says:

cant i use apple watch on ipod touch

Daisy Chen says:

That was Elly awesome

Austin Schenke says:


susie merrell says:

Why doesn't the iPod 6G have ID touch?

queentrinity28 says:

That a iPod touch 5 gen dude

queen.mxri. says:

tbh, I think that nowadays ppl don't really use iPods, only iPhones and iPads

diegouu calvo says:

you know elly?!? ????????????

TheAussieCreeper says:

Vainglory is not demanding, it's ridiculously well optimised

Frank Chen says:

people say the iPod touch resembles the iPhone 6. i say the other way around cuz the iPhone 6 came later than the 5th generation which kept the same design to the 6th

Lps Raindrop says:

does this ipod touch have the update 9.0?

lee bear says:

have siri ?

lvimal says:

All these reviews on an iPod and yet there's nothing on the actual sound quality of the device, something it's specifically meant for . What a shame.

c john says:

Can you use Microsoft word and PowerPoint on this iPod?

Julia Beauchesne says:

I got a gold one today it's perf

Jacob Jones says:

"a pair of these" ……………… Nutz

Finn Yeti says:

I watched this on my iPod

Wooded Crafter says:

lol just got one 1 second ago

Kyle Netherwood says:

Don't see why anyone would buy this now. It's smart phone and/or tablet.

Chelsea Bartz says:

What is the point if you have an iPhone?

Canden Gutierrez says:

Who's Amy?????

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