iPod’s Dirty Secret – from 2003

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I made this movie with my brother Van in 2003. It was a pivotal film in my career, before this was released online no one had ever seen anything I’d made. This movie recieved a crazy amount of press and was a bit step in my career.

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black spot says:

its never to late to go back to God. reaperishere dot weebly……………….well it is almost to late

ImGoodie says:

I was born that year

Wolf Miner says:

He looks creepy in this video

Jack Hoholick says:

Dope money

evo moto says:

wow, i remember this… I thought it was Casey and his brother that did it too…that last name ain't so common.
how things change…and how they don't…

Sarah Jane says:

I was two when he made this movie, now i watch his vlogs every day aha

awesome117unsc says:

At: 1:16 and 1:54 , you can see GTA 3 and Vice City posters. Good memories.

Justin Jonathon says:

If you still by Apple products, you are the problem.

John Barbosa says:

but where he posted this video?

MR. Mitch65 (Mrmitch65) says:

Casey neistat HD in 03 and not some grainy shit from 2010 from other people

MR. Mitch65 (Mrmitch65) says:

Casey neistat HD in 03 and not some grainy shit from 2010 from other people

KonyZulphrea (黃耳兔) says:

I have known this thing during writing a report, I had not watched something like this but other reports. I was required to develop something for Apple iOS. After formal approval, I have switched to W3C Standard instead of old scheme.

Raisinbrain says:


Naegleria Fowleri says:

Apple still does this. Recently an official apple charger shorted out in my phone and melted the charging port. I went to Apple and they said it was impossible to fix and I have to buy a new 700 dollar iPhone 6. So I then went to eBay and bought a replacement port for 3 dollars and my phone worked perfectly. It's funny how they get away with charging three times the price for a Mac with the same hardware as a Windows. and to add to it their phones are rigged with the bubble screen which is designed to break easy and their wifi antennas snap and their screws are microscopic. F Apple!

JakuP says:

Grand Theft Auto posters on the streets <3

Barrett Loades says:

I'm expressing with my full capa- oh wait never mind this is a remix

Skylar Wall says:

* 2 years before YouTube came out

xtafpfhr says:

Yeah I hate how expensive electronics, and really most things these days, is just junk that breaks easily and then they just expect you to keep throwing your $$ away to endlessly replace it. I barely buy anything any more because I hate cheaply-made junk. I never owned an iPod ever. I didn't like that they tried to control the consumer too much and how you could just load stuff on only from their app or whatever and then it could get deleted so easily. My ex's iPod kept deleting all his music. Super lame. Reminded me of that stupid "Kindle" and how Amazon tries to keep control over stuff you paid for and could delete it whenever they want. Apple is over-rated and over-priced anyway. I looked into that iPad thing because I kept hearing so much about it. I totally laughed that they wanted $500 for a mini tablet computer that only had 8gb of disk space and didn't even have an SD (or any) card slot to expand it. SMH. I didn't buy that crap. Thought it was a huge waste of money for what you were getting. Probably can't change the battery on that either.

TJ says:

Casey for President

Queensland rail rail fan or Jacob Johnson says:

2000s I miss you

ZeroDynamitex says:

1:15 GTA 3 poster :O

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