iPod Touch (6th Generation) Unboxing & Demo!

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iPod Touch (6th Generation) Unboxing. Review coming soon!

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Apple just dropped a new 2015 iPod Touch (6th generation) with a faster A8 processor, 8 megapixel camera and a handful of colors. My unboxing covers a comparison vs the iPhone 6 but stay tuned for a full comparison vs the 5th generation iPod Touch!

6th gen iPod Touch specs & colors: https://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/specs/

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Sly Kidd says:

Hey Great Vid, can you hook me up with an ipod6

YTGamer07 //LPMBM says:


Overclocked says:

Honest question. Why would anyone get this device when for the same price you could get an insanely better android device?

None none says:

I feel like apple just decided to ditch the iPod

Tasha Gloss says:

im buying blue I think

ItsJust REESE says:

the only apple product i like

Victoria Styles says:

i want this so badd

Armani Richardson says:

I always wanted one but my mom always said she has no money so this is my chance

Speed Tek says:

Help! I'm getting a iPod 6 and I'm a girl. Which color?
silver gold pink blue, or space grey? Or black? help!!!!!

kill mea says:

i have a ipod touch 6 blue

kill mea says:

i have a ipod touch 6 blue

Sk8en 4_LIFE says:

Whoopi!!!! $3.99!!! Lol Jk $399

Zachary Williams says:

Lol had mine since Christmas and it just wouldn't take a charge but I just shut it off then back on then it worked lol

Zahraa Kamal Kamal says:

it is nice

Zahraa Kamal Kamal says:

naw i have ipode 6

Eric Eric says:

When you have 64 or 128 gb iphone,whysomeone needs ipod again

Kim Munn says:

I know right

Brayan Tapia says:

there's an I pod6
wow never knew
thought they stoped

Angelo Vinci says:

or you could just get a iphone or even better, an android. and guess what? you can make phone calls on it!!! and did I just hear this clown say that an ipod, for music, is good for gaming? smh. just save your 200 dollars and get an xbox or ps4.

Yuchen Liu says:

I would upgrade to IPod 6 just because of the speed if I am a iPod 5 user

Yuchen Liu says:

I just don't get why iPod doesn't come with a power brick

taettoot says:

but why would u want a bigger screen for an iPod this thing was supposed to be a small portable gaming machine and music player not some giant sized iPod ?? if u want a bigger screen go get an iPad :\ or iPhone 6 , 6s , 6s Plus :$

Bonnie Renee says:

Where the hell have I been??? Seriously didn't know there was a iPod 6…….

Cristian Castro says:

DOES THE IPOD 6 have the snapchat filters?!!!!!!!!!! like the dog and stufff????????!!!!! PLZ ANSWER

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